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Episode 30
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credit to dramoak at soompi.

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jumong episode 30:
the king names jumong the chief general of their upcoming war with jinbeom and imdun and states yeongpo and daeso will assist jumong. daeso is set free and the queen welcomes him back, asking if he's been hurt, but daeso apologizes for his mistakes and the queen says daeso is innocent of any wrong-doing and vows to avenge their shame. jumong meets with the king who tells jumong they must win their war and jumong must find a way to win or else the king will lose this throne and jumong will be unable to protect lady yoohwa. the queen's brother urge queen and daeso to accept the situation and see it as opportunity to contribute but the queen objects when daeso interrupts and says this may be an oppurtunity for him to come out from his crisis. daeso meets with budeukbul who tells daeso to be patient or else he cannot achieve the throne and that a king is born out of difficult time. daeso thx him and says he will endure and endure more.

jumong tells his guards their enemy in the war will be steel warriors and they are to train day and night in preparation. yeongpo complains to dochi about having to be jumong's subordinate in the war and asks dochi if he's got any ideas for him but dochi says no, and after jumong leaves dochi tells his man that the war is an opportunity for their business. yeongpo returns to palace and asks daeso if they really have to subject themselves to this but daeso says they have no other choice unless yeongpo has a better idea. yeongpo asks daeso if they win the war the king will then name jumong the crown prince, and daeso says it's possible. yeongpo then says he wants to get rid of jumong and daeso scoffs him again and says if yeongpo does nothing it will be helpful to daeso. daeso takes yeongpo to the training ground where jumong's guards are undergoing intensive training and yeongpo complains but daeso tells jumong they will do whatever jumong orders them since he is their senior in the war. jumong tells them he is merely their leader in name and whatever they do they will contribute toward buyeo. afterwards a worried mari asks jumong if he will really allow daeso and yeongpo to be in the war and reminds jumong daeso is one who made deal with yangjeong and he could betray them in the war. jumong tells mari he has his own thinking and says not to worry.

meanwhile wootae returns to yeontabal's base in buyeo and soseono greets him and says he should've rested longer, but wootae says he is really fine and asks about the upcoming war. soseono tells wootae their group will be going to war as material unit too, and soseono thanks wootae saying without him she would've been dead, but wootae says he is the one who should thank her because he always waited for the chance to serve her and protect her. soseono is touched and looks at wootae surprisingly. yeontabal tells his close subordinates that since they've decided to get involved in the war they should do their best. sayong says for geumwa to name jumong as the leader in the war means a big change has occurred inside the palace. yeontabal comments due to yangjeong's spies disguised as blacksmiths, daeso has lost his chance for crown prince for now and jumong's chance is resurrected.

inside buyeo's palace the king and his subjects are suited in war attire and prepare themselves for the war, when yeontabal arrives with soseono and asks geumwa to allow their group to come to war with them. geumwa says the war is between buyeo and han, and if their group is to get involved it will put jolbon's relation with han in jeopardy, but yeontabal replies the king needn't worry and the king asks if he can entrust buyeo's army material needs in his hand. yeontabal says they've been prepared amply for the war and says the king needn't worry. the queen's brother is doubtful that yeontabal is sufficiently prepared in such a short notice, but soseono tells everyone she's heard about the war through prince jumong for a long time and thus has been preparing for it for a long time. the king is satisfied, and next he goes to the weapon factory and finds out they have not been able to create more superior swords since the hyeonto blacksmiths have left and they never revealed their secret to them. just then jumong reports mopalmo has successfully developed the secret formula in gyeru and the king is once again confident in the news and orders his men to have mopalmo return and work on creating more swords as soon as possible. the king sees the young damul warrior desendant cheondong who is only 16, and the king says he is too young to fight in the battle and assigns him different duty.

buyeo palace prepares itself for war and even lady yoohwa helps day and night getting her hands blistered. jumong checks on her and asks her not to work so hard but yoohwa says no and that it was like this during the days of damul warriors and all her pain was soothed when haemosu held her hands and by working to help is what makes her feel comfortable and hopeful. jumong holds his mother's hands and comforts her.
soseono runs into daeso at the palace and daeso asks soseono what she's doing here. soseono replies she is here to see jumong to go over supplies needed in the war. daeso says it's hard for him to see her and tells her to get by. afterwards daeso remembers the way soseono and jumong embraced with their tender words for each other and the thought angers daeso.

soseono asks jumong how the preparation is going and jumong replies they are still short on skilled warriors. wootae asks if he's heard of baeksan nomadic villagers who train on horse since infancy. daeso sends message to yangjeong about the happening with jumong being named the chief general. in hyeonto, song yang from jolbon comes to tell yangjeong yeontabal who is from jolbon is assisting buyeo's war with supplies, but that song yang will help yangjeong since he doesn't want to ruin jolbon and han's relations. yangjeong asks what he can help with and song yang says he will help whatever including sending army for han's use.

back in buyeo, mawuryeong brings in the fake fortune man from town to have him killed for spreading false rumors and the queen arrives and tells her to spare the man. the queen plans to use the man to stir up opposition from the citizens toward the war, and even though that will not stop the war it will put geumwa as the target of all responsibilities if they should not win. mopalmo and musong return to buyeo and are greeted warmly by the king.

meanwhile yang tak arrives from gyeru and is greeted by yang chaeryeong. yang tak reports to yeontabal and soseono about song yang's visit to hyeonto. just then jumong arrives looking for soseono, and tells her he will go recruit the people of baekseong village to fight in the war. soseono says it will not be easy since these ppl are nomads, and offers to go with jumong. it is nighttime and soseono and jumong sit by the fire. soseono asks jumong if he won't tell her why he left buyeo back then, and jumong smiles at her only. soseono says she has been revealing all herself to him like a fool and perhaps she should stop doing that in the future. jumong smiles and tells her there is a person who changed his life, and soseono asks if he means haemosu. jumong continues and says if he hadn't met him he would still be living like a naiive person but after meeting that person and losing him he realized his purpose for life. soseono states that person is indeed a great teacher for jumong, and jumong replies before that person was his teacher he was first his father. soseono is shocked but says nothing to let him finish. jumong gets emotional and tells soseono he never got a chance to call him father before he died, and with that regret he was deeply troubled. jumong goes on to say now he will help his father realize his dream, and thus he will find what was lost to the gojoseon people. soseono smiles and next to the fire, wootae is listening.

jumong arrives in baeksan village and introduces himself and the villager asks why in the world would they get involved in buyeo's war, and jumong replies he will give them new land after the war, but the villager says the whole world is theirs and tells jumong to return. jumong comes out and tells soseono and wootae about his failure. soseono asks if jumong offered them land and was rejected by it. jumong asks what else would these ppl want besides land, and soseono says he will give it a try and goes in. wootae says nomads don't need land but the way to persuade them is to offer them money. soseono returns with the villager and announces baeksan group will send horses and men to buyeo. jumong shows his satisfaction with smile.

back in gyeru, yeomieul sets a shrine worship and tells her maid to prepare a silk cloth for her to paint a picture of three-legged bird encircled by a sun. soryeong asks why yeomieul is wishing for buyeo to win when buyeo has thrown her out, but yeomieul replies it is better than han winning, and this war is jumong's war and the owner of the three-legged bird is jumong. yeomieul sends a message to jumong with the painted silk and the message that the three-legged bird will protect jumong no matter where and yeomieul will serve the bird.

yangjeong's man dongsan from hyeonto arrives and gives daeso a message in which yangjeong tells daeso han will surely win this war, and since he cannot protect daeso in this war, daeso is to make sure he does what he must to ensure crown prince title. jumong strategizes about the war with sayong and sayong says based on news and findings, han is planning to send 200 thousand warriors to jinboem and imdun, and they will surely take the quick route which passes through the small samin nation. thus jumong and sayong agree they will stop the han troops at samin. naru reports to daeso about jumong's plan and daeso tells naru he needs to go on a trip to hyeonto. naru asks if he means daeso wants him to relate the news to hyeonto, and naru kneels before daeso and asks to be killed instead for he is also a servant of buyeo and he cannot betray his country. daeso says he will not do something to ruin buyeo and tells naru to trust him and sends naru to hyeonto.

buyeo palace is setting out to fight and jumong with the armies leave buyeo headed for war...

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img credit yahoo kr.