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Episode 25

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credits: dramoak at soompi

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episode 25:
jumong and the trio run from han steel army when they realize they can't defeat them with their weak weapons. (lol how did they get away on foot while the steel men were on horse? ) instead jumong says they will come back at night to save the gojoseon refugees. the trio shoot only at the men's uncovered faces and successfully saves the refugees, while jumong stops the guarding army men on horse with arrows pointed at their face and other parts not covered by steel.

the news of refugees escaping reach yangjeong at hyeonto who says they must not let the arriving cheolgan hear about it. the cheolgan arrives and yangjeong tells him prince daeso from buyeo is here to make a deal with him in return to learn how to make steel. yangjeong meets with daeso next and tells him he will send a steel expert to buyeo. next yangjeong's daughter yang seol-ran brings tea to them and he introduces her to daeso. when yang seol-ran and daeso talk privately she said even though it was what her father wanted she would've said no if she didn't like him when they met but now she knows he is handsome with impressive aura. (wow i like her acting. she's a great cast like someone said)

afterwards naro asks daeso if he will really marry yangjeong's daughter when soseono exists, but daeso says he's about to become a crown prince and no one will complain if he has multiple wives, and marrying yangjeong' daughter is not a big deal, but the problem is soseono not accepting him. meanwhile yangjeong agrees to see yeontabal and yeontabal's men ask him what exactly he plans to do with yangjeong and yeontabal says he wants to buy a deal. gyepil says that would cost a lot of money but yeontabal says a real merchant buys such and tells everyone to wait and see.

back at buyeo mawuryeong oracle tells the queen the matter of yeomieul is causing unsettled state among buyeo people and the queen should get to the bottom of it. the queen tells her maid to go fetch the storyteller who used to tell stories about haemosu from before and her maid returns to tell her the storyteller was killed by the king's order. the queen then goes to see the king and tells him a while ago a storyteller used to tell stories about how yoohwa and the king's child is actually haemosu's not the kings.
the king gets angry and tells the queen jumong is his son and he will not forgive anyone who says otherwise. the queen leaves but smiles about geumwa's reaction...

the young oracle soryeong brings star child to yoohwa. the star child tells yoohwa prince jumong must leave buyeo. yoohwa says he's left buyeo for a while. but the child tells yoohwa jumong must leave buyeo forever or else he will die. yoohwa is scared by the fortelling. meanwhile jumong and the trio are helpnig the refugees flee from han army radar and they split up with hyeopbo escorting the refugees while the others look out for the steel army. yeontabal meets with yangjeong and asks yangjeong if he could help him meet sanongseung (cheolgan) who manages han's steels, saying it would be the greatest honor to him and yangjeong says he will try.

while they wait for yeontabal to finish his meeting, soseono and sayong watch as yang seol-ran passes by and the two women exchange glance. wootae appears and tells soseono prnice daeso is here at hyeonto. yeontabal comes out and tells his group yangjeong has agreed to help him during the meeting with han's cheolgan yeontabal asks to buy steel weapon from han and both the cheolgan and yangjeong are angry at such offer. the cheolgan leaves and yeontabal persuades yangjeong it is beneficial to han to deal with him, since han is short on funds due to the war with seonam thus by selling him weapons it will guarantee handsome income and it will also create buyeo's dependency on han. yangjeong finds sense in yeontabal's explanation and says he will talk to cheolgan but he will not tolerate any surprises such as this in the future.
next soseono wonders if han will sell them steel weapons and yeontabal says they will. sayong comments selling steel weapons isn't the same as giving out secret steel formula yeontabal agrees and says they will surely find the formula through the weapons one day. but daeso's man naro sees yeontabal's group in hyeonto...

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dochi finds out both yeontabal and daeso are missing in buyeo and wonders if yeontabal has gone to gyero.
next dochi goes to see yeongpo and tells him daeso has been receiving great help from yeontabal in the crown prince competition and in order to beat daeso, yeongpo should get rid of yeontabal first. yeongpo wonders how they could accomplish that since yeontabal is treasured by the king, but dochi says it's strange that yeontabal has stayed in buyeo for so long, and they should seize the opportunity while yeontabal is gone to do something. yeongpo brings army men to yeontaba's merchant group and confiscates all the scroll messages... yeongpo finds a scroll that he presents to the king and the king reads it. yeongpo says yeontabal failed to report to the king about the important matter of cheolgan's visit to hyeonto and thus yeontabal cannot be trusted. the king is angry and asks where yeontabal is when yeongpo answers he has gone to hyeonto.

meanwhile mari and ohyi use themselves as bait to lead the steel armymen to jumong, who shoots arrows at them. the army men turn and leave after seeing jumong's skills. at night, jumong finds the army men's camp and points arrow at them. at hyeonto yangjeong asks daeso what he thought of his daughter and daeso comments it will be hard to find another woman like her... just then yangjeong's man arrives and reports to yangjeong the steel men failed to recapture the refugees due to the guy who had superhuman skills in archery. daeso hears this and wonders what's happening...

jumong, mari and ohyi reunite with hyeopbo at hyeonto and jumong asks if the refugees are safe and hyeopbo says they're safe from steel army men and on their way to their new refuge. next the foursome sit down for a rest and jumong says he found out how many remnants were left from gojoseon and where they are now. the trio asks why he did all that and jumong says he's not sure. jumong then asks hyeopbo why he cried when he received the pendant and hyeopbo says he realized how great his father was and how he is so pale in comparison. jumong says he can relate, and tells them the reason why he quit the crown prince competition wasn't because of buyeong, it was because he realized there was nothing he could do as a crown prince, but now he knows what he must do.

meanwhile gyepil and sayong arrive at the inn jumong and the trio are and gyepil leads jumong to soseono.
soseono sees jumong and a surprised soseono asks what jumong is doing here.... daeso is suspicious about who the guy with superhuman archery skills is and just then naro tells daeso he saw yeontabal and soseono in hyeonto.

jumong tells soseono what he has been doing, and soseono tells jumong she's glad he's safe... and when jumong looks at soseono wearing the ring he gave her soseono pauses in silence.. jumong then asks soseono why she's here in hyeopbo and soseono says cheolgan who is in charge of han's steel is here in hyeonto and her father wants to do business with him. while they talk daeso arrives and walks toward soseono's room despite gyepil trying to stop him... soseono tells jumong daeso is here and jumong asks why daeso is here. soseono says daeso seems to have a special relationship with hyeonto's yangjeong.
jumong remembers seeing daeso at hyeonto the last time he came as the king's messenger and how daeso then warned him that was not the end. just then daeso announces to soseono he's come and opens the door to enter. daeso is beyond shock and anger when he sees jumong in soseono's room. daeso asks jumong why he's here in hyeonto and jumong replies he went there and here without planning and somehow ended up here. daeso asks soseono and jumong if they planned to meet up in hyeonto and soseono replies it was coincidence. daeso tells them to sit and daeso mocks at jumong's carefree life, and jumong asks why then a crown-prince-to-be is here at hyeonto and daeso says jumong should ditch that suspicion of his. next, daeso looks for someone who can identify jumong's face as the one who saved the refugees.

jumong bids farewell to soseono again and soseono says though he left his heart to her it cannot feel at ease and asks him to be careful.. jumong looks at her and embraces her...
mari arrives and tells jumong army men are headed toward them. soseono says there are horses in the back and they should flee on the horses. but it's too late and the foursome are met with steel army men whom they fight off and the foursome run on horses while the other army men chase them on horse as well.
soseono watches this in fear...

daeso returns to buyeo and brings with him a few steel experts. the king asks where he found them and daeso lies and says they were slaves of han whom he rescued.
daeso brings these men to mopalmo and the newly arrived men laugh at the sword there saying they are only suitable for women to use in cooking. the newly arrived man tells mopalmo they will take over the factory now and no one else is to enter. mopalmo says how will they learn about making steel swords if they can't be there and the new guy says if they don't agree they will leave. while moplamo laments his anger to musong over wine, the newly arrived men work on making new swords.

next morning the king visits the factory and checks the superior strength of the new swords himself... daeso is elated at the king's confirmation. meanwhile jumong and the trio arrive at cheomu mountain next. the trio asks why jumong came back to this place and jumong says he must tell them something before returning to buyeo, and jumong states he is a descendant of damul and his birth father is haemosu. jumong says he plans to save the gojoseon remnants living under han's torture and reclaim their lost land. jumong asks the trio if they will do this with him and they all say yes.

preview 26: jumong tells geumwa he cannot forgive yeongpo and daeso. mopalmo goes to gyero. the king has a special assignment for jumong.

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daeso's wife looks ok?