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Episode 24

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credit to dramoak at soompi

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episode 24:
mari, ohyi, and hyeopbo find dochi and beat up on him, with ohyi giving him extra beating.
the king's advisors meet and comment daeso will soon be crowned. the queen's uncle and the queen congrats daeso but yeongpo gets upset. yeongpo insists the king has yet to announce the winner and why has everyone forgotten about his contribution. just then daeso arrives and says he is right and they should continue their competition.

meanwhile soseono looks at the ring from jumong and remembers jumong telling her how he is in a state of confusion and he must come out of without anyone's help. afterwards, soseono vows to spend her life with him. jumong meets with yeontabal and asks to hear about haemosu's story. yeontabal and gyepil reveal to jumong habaek village was destroyed for protecting haemosu, and yeontabal comments he almost sold haemosu to the han soldier who were offering a handsome reward for haemosu's capture, but haemosu saved yeontabal's wife and newborn soseono, thus he became their savior.

mari and hyeopbo try to comfort ohyi who is sorrowful of buyeong's departure. jumong arrives and asks ohyi for a drink. ohyi pours wine for him and apologizes to jumong for having to quit the crown prince competition because of him and buyeong. jumong instead apologizes for not protecting buyeong, but ohyi apologizes saying it's all his fault. mari scoffs ohyi and tells him to forget about buyeong for now for she would not want them to be upset because of her. jumong tells the trio he wants them to go somewhere with him. next, jumong sends a message to lady yoohwa telling her he is leaving buyeo to find the path of understanding his father... to understand why and how he chose the road he traveled then.

after leaving buyeo, jumong tells the trio he wants to find out more about the damul warriors of gojoseon era. hyeopbo remembers a friend of his late father's who was also a damul warrior, and wonders if the friend is still alive... meanwhile back in buyeo palace king geumwa has a nightmare seeing haemosu falling off the cliff shot by multiple arrows. geumwa remembers yeomieul's accusation that geumwa is the one who really wanted haemosu dead. yoohwa is having trouble falling asleep worried about jumong, and just then the king arrives. geumwa asks yoohwa why she isn't asleep and the king then asks if jumong's quitting prince competition is because of haemosu. when yoohwa says nothing the king asks why she didn't tell him sooner that jumong found out the truth saying jumong must be having a very difficult time. geumwa says he must meet jumong, and yoohwa replies jumong has left buyeo for a while to figure things out.
after geumwa leaves yoohwa remembers the king's words wondering how jumong will think of him now and just as jumong must be confused, geumwa is also troubled.

yeongpo arrives at dochi's and sees dochi beat up and when he finds out it was the trio yeongpo wants to go find them but dochi's man says jumong and the trio have left buyeo. yeongpo returns to the palace and relates the news of jumong to daeso. daeso is suspicious about why jumong quit the competition and left buyeo, but yeongpo says let's not dismiss his contribution. at court meeting the advisors urge geumwa to end the competition soon but geumwa says he will continue the competition. afterwards budeukbul comforts daeso but daeso says he doesn't want to be named crown prince so easily after jumong's departure and he will work on developing steel like the king would want. budeukbul asks daeso if he plans to accept yangjeong's offer and daeso says he will persuade the king to let him.

yeongpo feels desperate and invites 2 of the king's ministers to his chamber saying he's been thankful to them for a long time. yeongpo presents them with bribery and says he will surely recognize their contributions if he should be the next heir to throne.

meanwhile sayong stares at soseono relentlessly and soseono says if he's wondering about jumong. sayong wonders if soseono knows why jumong quit the competition and left buyeo and soseono says she's not worried even though he's not told her either since she belives he will tell her when the time is right.
sayong says he knows she's curious too and soseono confesses she is very curious too but she's more worried that something big happened to jumong. sayong then notices soseono's ring and comments that was not seen before. next wootae arrive and says cheolgan of han is headed toward hyeonto city.
just then daeso's man naro arrives to ask soseono to go see daeso with him.

daeso asks soseono if she knows the story of yeobuwui who helped jacho escaping toward jo nation from jin nation and how yeobuwui helped jacho return to jin and become a king. soseono replies she knows the story, and daeso says what yeobuwui did was make an investment in jacho and benefit from it.
daeso tells soseono the crown prince shall be him and not jumong and she should consider what the means to her future. daeso says soseono is the only one in his heart and says he hopes the day comes that she too will have him in her heart.

jumong and the trio pass by a well with bloody water in it and the woman says the well water has been turned to blood water after yeomieul gave up on buyeo. next the arrive at the place where hyeopbo's father's friend lives and jumong asks the man about damul warrior and the general haemosu.
the friend invites the guests in his hut and presents them memobolia from damul days and laments how he could retell the the heroic deeds the damul warriors did.. and states if haemosu were still alive all the refugees of gojoseon would've been saved. since haemosu believes that wherever a refugee remains the country still remains. afterwards jumong says he must see gojoseon remnants with his own eyes. mari says that will be dangerous if the han steel warriors are still around.

back in the palace the new oracle, mawuryeong breaks out in sweat after praying. the other oracles arrive and report to mawuryeong about all that's happening around buyeo like blood in wells and sounds of cries at night. soryeong comments this is all because of what happened with yeomieul and the other oracle tells her to forget about the past. mawuryeong goes to see the queen who suggest she should go visit the king.
mawuryeong visits king geumwa during court meeting, and tells the king about what's happening in buyeo, and the king wonders if these are rumors and the queen's brother reports to the king the same happened in gaemak nation when they had trouble with the gods. the advisor suggest to the king he should find out if these are true facts at once and if so they must have a spiritual ceremony at once. just then the king's head general arrives with news that cheolgan of han nation are headed toward hyeonto city.
budeukbul wonders if hyeonto is gearing up against buyeo and the king goes to the iron factory next to see if there's been any progress in curing iron. daeso decides to make a trip to hyeonto and yeongpo wonders what daeso is up to. yeontabal also decides to make a trip to hyeonto with soseono, wootae, gyepil and sayong.

meanwhile jumong and the trio are looking for gojoseon refugees and while they rest they realize they have followers. the foursome prepare to fight when the hiding men appear with humble weapons saying they will fight to death instead of becoming slaves. jumong orders the trio to put their weapons down for they are not here to harm them. thus the men take the foresome to their hideout. jumong watches in sadness the women and children of the remnants living in dire conditions. the head of the men says he used to be damul warrior, and jumong tells them they are not here to harm them. hyeopbo shows him his pendant from his father as proof and the man tells them they have been in hiding for 15 years, and he has lost his wife and daughter 2 years into their hideout. the man continues to relate the hardship they have endured and jumong suggests they should flee to buyeo for geumwa will help them, but they say geumwa has forsaken them after haemosu's fall and they waited and waited for geumwa to help but it never happened.
jumong says he wants to help but the men tell them to just leave. jumong then says they should at least take their horses since they will aid them in case something happens.

yeontabal and the group arrive at hyeonto and yeontabal decides to pay yangjeong a visit. daeso arrives at yangjeong's court and tells yangjeong he needs steel weapon in order to become a crown prince, and after he becomes crown prince he will make yangjeong's daughter the crown princess.
meanwhile jumong and the trio witness gojoseon remnants attacked and captured by steel army men from han and the foresome try to save the refugees but their arrow cannot penetrate the steel armor and their swords are weak in comparison to the han men's swords......

preview 25:

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daeso's bride-to-be, yangjeong's daughter, yang seol-ran (actress park tam-hee).

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