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Episode 20
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Jumong 20 Summary
credit: dramaok @

prince daeso thinks about what ohyi told him, that jumong is working with mopalmo of buyeo palace weapon factory to create superior swords for the king. prince youngpo, on the other hand, celebrates by drinking infront of dochi, saying daeso finally appreciates him, but his grand plan is to help daeso beat jumong first, then afterwards he will go against daeso to win the crown prince title. dochi congrats youngpo for his brilliant plan. next, ohyi is taken to youngpo who says he did a great deed and if things succeed he will reward ohyi. however, ohyi appears burdened as he walks back to yeontabal's merchant base.

jumong returns to buyeo and reports to king geumwa the happenings at hyeonto city, including the threat he made to yangjeong in responds to yangjeong's threat. the king laughs and says jumong did as he would and the head general comments he was surprised at how well jumong did as well. as the king is pleased, daeso and youngpo show their disgust in court. afterwards jumong greets his brothers by nodding toward daeso and youngpo, and youngpo is flusterred again, complaining to daeso about his worry that the king might crown jumong soon. daeso tells him to stop talking and orders naro to go to the weapon factory.

naro goes to the weapon factory and watches mopalmo, but musong arrives and asks naro what he's doing here. when naro says it is none of his business musong answers he must know since he is the guard here.
naro says he is prince daeso's man and how dare he question him, but musong is alarmed and reports this to mopalmo. next naro finds deokgu, who is mopalmo's lead worker, and naro brings him to daeso who asks about the weapon making progress. deokgu reveals not long ago they created a sword that is as strong as the one made by the hans, and daeso asks why it was not reported to the king
deokgu answers since it seemed to be created as a result of a fluke and not by any sercret formula, they did not report this to anyone. daeso dismisses deokgu and orders him not to tell about today's visit to anyone. after deokgu leaves, youngpo suggests they should summon mopalmo to find out exactly what jumong's plans are, but daeso says not yet, and just then daeso is given a message from budeukbul.

meanwhile jumong visits his mother lady yoohwa who praises him for his well doing, but when jumong tells her how he met daeso at hyeonto, yoohwa warns him he must maintain his diligence and caution in the future, even though he had the upper hand this round. yoohwa then tells jumong about how the king and oracle yeomieul know about damul arrow being broken. jumong asks if they know if was him who broke it, and yoohwa says not sure, but yeomieul said the breaker of such sacred bow will bring darkness to buyeo,
thus she might use it against him in the competition of prince crowning.

daeo goes to see budeukbul at his request by messenger. budeukbul asks daeso if he ran into jumong at hyeonto, and daeso replies yes. budeukbul comments how surprised daeso must have been.
daeso tells budeukbul jumong is trying to figure out the secret formula for sword making and states if jumong succeeds that will be a greater contribution than finding the gosan salt mountain, and that will surely be the end of both him and budeukbul. budeukbul reveals to daeso the one who broke damul bow is jumong. daeso comments he realized jumong had lied when he said he didnt' even get close to shijo mountain, but wonders how jumong managed to break the strong bow. daeso suggests they should tell this to the king but budeukbul says it is not time yet, since the king is not the same since the death of haemosu, and they must wait for the right opportunity to best use it against jumong.

jumong returns to yeontabal's merchant base and wootae greets him saying he thought jumong would rest a little longer before coming here. jumong goes inside to see yeontabal and soseono who wonders what will happen between han nation and buyeo after what's all happened. yeontabal says the relationship shouldn't be completely severed, since han nation still needs many resources from buyeo... jumong leaves after exchanging smile with soseono. jumong meets with the trio and asks if everything's okay. mari reveals buyoung was sold to a han merchant and jumong runs to dochi's camp looking for dochi. dochi comes out to the corridor and asks jumong what he's doing here.

jumong asks where buyoung is and if he forgot that he said he was coming to get her. dochi says he waited but he didn't come and there were so many ppl wanting to buy her so he had to do what was needed. jumong is angry and demands to know where buyoung is. dochi says he doesn't know since he's not her owner anymore. jumong vows dochi will regret this one day and leaves. mari tells jumong dochi never intended to send buyoung to them in the first place. jumong comforts ohyi and promises him he will surely find buyoung. ohyi says nothing and walks away... mari tells jumong not to worry too much and jumong says it was his fault for not saving buyoung sooner. ohyi returns to dochi's and asks to see buyoung. dochi tells his man to take ohyi to see buyoung. ohyi is taken by dochi's man to buyoung who tells ohyi she was told she was being sold to the hans but instead she's been kept here in this house doing nothing.
buyoung asks how jumong is doing, and ohyi says not to worry cuz he will save her for sure.

later, ohyi drinks with hyeopbo and mari, and ohyi complains that if jumong really cared about buyoung he would've been able to save her a long time ago, and things wouldn't have been this bad had he even visited her after returning from his trip. jumong goes to see wootae and asks wootae to help him find buyoung. wootae says he will try.

meanwhile musong and mopalmo arrive at yeontabal's with musong wondering if he will be named head general if jumong inherits the throne. but yeontabal's sister yeonchaeryeong arrives and asks what they're doing here, then she slaps mopalmo and gyepil appears to put a stop to it. musong and mopalmo meet with jumong to inform him about naro's visit. the two wonder if daeso knows what jumong is up to, and ohyi appears uncomfortable by the discussion. jumong replies the only ones who know about jumong's plan are mopalmo, musong, the trio, and himself so daeso probably doesn't know anything yet. afterwards ohyi reports to youngpo about jumong knowing daeso's man was at the weapon factory.

at the palace, the queen visits the king and says the citizens are restless because of the rift between the king and buyeo's oracle. the queen then suggest if the king is unhappy with yeomieul, perhaps he should set a new palace oracle. queen then informs him of the great skills of the oracle mawuryeo from sachuldo's maga sector. the king does not want to be bothered anymore with the matter and tells the queen to take care of it as she wishes. the queen is delighted and goes to tell her brother about it and how she's doing all this to help daeso in the future since yeomieul is not on their side, but mawuryeo will help daeso if she becomes the new palace oracle.

next the king's advisors and scholars are briefing and the discuss how in the han vs. seonam war, han nation will probably win but since they will suffer a great casualty they won't have army to send against buyeo. next, the queen's brother brings up the matter of yeomieul vs. the king and how the matter is worrisome. budeukbul asks if he's trying to get rid of yeomieul and the brother replies if yeomieul continues to cause trouble then that is not out of the question. the other advior says yeomieul has captured the hearts of buyeo ppl for so long and if they get rid of her there will be more unrest, but the brother asks what better idea does he have to ease the tension between yeomieul and the king, and the advisor is shunned speechless.

meanwhile the queen dines w/ sachuldo's oracles and cheerfully goes on about how she feels so close to mawuryeo and how she wishes she would be oracle in buyeo palace, but the youngest oracle appears disleased. yoohwa's maid mudeok informs her about the queen feasting with the sachuldo oracles and yoohwa says the queen must be trying to get mawuryeo to help prince daeso in the future.
just then yeomieul's maids tell her about the news as well, and the youngest sachuldo oracle arrives to tell yeomieul the queen told mawuryeong she wishes mawuryeong will remain at buyeo palace. yeomieul's maids say that means the queen is trying to set mawuryeong to be the new palace oracle.

sayong tells yeontabal that yeomieul has extended an invitation to see yeontabal and yeontabal asks soseono if she will go with him, and she in turn accompanies her father on the visit.
yeontabal suggests to yeomieul she should give in a bit to the king or else she will suffer. but yeomieul says it is not so easy. then yeomieul says yeontabal once told him he would sell the nation to be a merchant. yeontabal laughs saying he doesn't have such skills, and yeomieul then asks what a merchant like him is lingering in buyeo and then says she can help him accomplish his will in buyeo, and asks if he can help her too. afterwards yeontabal tells soseono it is funny that even yeomieul would reveal herself to him, but soseono says it is too dangerous to go against the king to be on yeomieul's side and it would risk his life,
but yeontabal says risking life is nothing. just then prince daeso walks by and asks to speak with them.

daeso tells yeontabal he has been interested in soseono for a long time, and even though he has not told the king or the queen about it, he wishes to marry soseono, and asks yeontabal for his approval so he can inform his parents about their marriage. yeontabal answers he is too surprised to answer it. daeso looks to soseono and asks if she will accept his proposal but soseono is speechless, stunned, and appears troubled.
next the father and daughter return home and soseono tells her father there is no place for daeso in his heart. yeontabal asks if jumong is the one in her heart and soseono looks at her father saying nothing.
yeontabal comments he will not make her do anything but since it affects her life she should consider the option carefully. wootae catches up to soseono who is deep in thought on the balcony, and wootae tells soseono his job is to protect all that is precious at their base, and soseono is the most precious thing.
soseono smiles and tells wootae prince daeso has proposed to her. wootae replies her choice will affect the future of their business so he understands how troubled she must be, but he wishes her to be happy as a woman above all else, that altough the fate of their merchant group is important, her fate is equally important.

soseono goes by jumong's room at night and watches through the window sillehoute how jumong is studying. soseono asks to come in and jumong invites her inside. soseono asks what jumong's reading this late at night and jumong says he's been studying about sword making. soseono asks if what he's doing has to do with the crown prince competition, and soseono says this matter is something the blacksmiths have yet to figure out after decades and it is mission impossible, but jumong replies he's just trying to help even if it's not much.

soseono tells jumong prince daeso has proposed marriage to her, and even though her heart is already set, she wonders what would happen to her merchant group if she is to reject daeso.
soseono asks jumong if he will grab onto her so that her heart doesn't waver. jumong replies he already said to her that he will put all his fate into her hands. jumong then tells soseono his master once told him how he regreted not being able to protect the woman he treasured. jumong states he will surely protect what is his, and at this soseono is brought into tears.

at the weapon factory in buyeo palace, mopalmo's assistant creates more swords that are promising. just then wootae arrives to see jumong. ohyi suddenly gets up and runs off, and mari tells hyeopbo something's up with ohyi as he is not acting like himself. wootae tells jumong dochi never sold buyoung to a slave merchant, and dochi must be scheming something else. jumong catches up to dochi's man at night and demands where buyoung is. dochi's man answers she's been sold into han slavery, but jumong beats him until he will tell the truth. dochi's man begs jumong to spare his life and a fight breaks through between jumong and dochi's men, but jumong finally gets the upper hand and saves the frightened buyoung.
jumong tells dochi's beaten man that he will take buyoung away and to tell dochi to come look for him if he wants money for buyoung.

the trio return to the base at nght when gyepil tells them jumong is looking for them. the trio see that jumong has saved buyoung, and mari asks jumong how he saved buyoung but jumong says dochi was lying about selling buyoung, then jumong tells ohyi he kept his promise with him. ohyi is solemn and tells jumong he will leave the prince now for he has betrayed him by telling prince youngpo about what jumong and mopalmo are planning. mari and hyeopbo scold ohyi saying how he can do that, and ohyi begins crying.
jumong kneels before ohyi, and says the one who should beg for forgiveness is he, for he did nothing when ohyi was trying so hard, and he is not good enough to be their brother. jumong begs ohyi not to leave, and the trio get down on their knees as well, calling him their prince....

dochi finds out about buyoung's escape and is about to kill his man when he realizes he needs to worry about the princes, then dochi warns his man not to tell daeso and youngpo about what happened with buyoung. dochi's man asks dochi what will happen to ohyi now, and dochi says not to worry over ohyi since he will be rid of by jumong when he finds out about his betrayal.

next, jumong watches from distance, when ohyi, under pretence, goes to tell prince daeso and youngpo jumong has discovered an important matter in finding the secret formula for sword making.....

Proposal time!!!