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Episode 19
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episode 19 summary
credit: dramaok at

the king asks jumong where he heard that gosan nation has salt mountain, and jumong replies he heard it from his mom who said back in the days habaek village ppl would go to gosan nation for salt.
the king is satisfied and compliments jumong and soseono for their well doing. the king then tells general to cancel the mission to okjeo, and orders his subject to give out the salt to the needy citizens at once.
king geumwa then announces there will a feast in celebration and everyone must attend.

meanwhile at yeontabal's, sayong and gyepil deliver the goodnews of their success to yeontabal.
wootae says soseono indeed scored a good deed for stopping the war with okjeo. yeontabal states it's true but what she did has caused a war between daeso and jumong since their competition is stronger now.
yeon-chae-ryeong (yeontabal's sister) arrives with salt from yeontabal's warehouse and gyepil appears surprised by her presence.

back in the palace the queen is angry at jumong's success, and her maid reports the rumor around the palace is that jumong is the one who has won the competition among the princes for the crown prince title.
the queen's brother says it's true that what jumong accomplished is the greatest, but the queen states she will not have jumong be crowned. youngpo vows to hep daeso be crowned but the queen replies youngpo should look after himself first. daeso tells the queen it has merely just started. daeso goes out to the courtyard and watches as jumong and soseono walk by smiling and glazing at each other.

soseono tells jumong she will return to her home but jumong convinces her to go see his mom with him first. soseono wants to come back when she's better dressed but jumong insists she goes in now.
yoohwa tells jumong how happy she's that he's come back safely and jumong says it was all because of soseono, but soseono says she's the one who should thank yoohwa and jumong for leading her to the salt mountain. jumong goes on about how soseono saved him by putting her life at risk, and how soseono is the one who saved him during his trip to shijo mountain. soseono replies jumong has saved her in the past too, and yoohwa smiles. soseono says she should leave since she has yet to visit her father since she returned and afterwards, yoohwa tells jumong his fate with soseono seems very special since she saved him twice, yoohwa then asks jumong if he still has the ring she gave him, and jumong replies yes.
yoohwa then asks if he wants to give that out now and jumong says not yet, and yoohwa nods telling him he should make the decision seriously.

youngpo takes his anger out on dochi by slashing part of dochi's hair off. youngpo leaves and dochi then takes his anger out on his inferior by beating him with a stool and kicking him. meanwhile, soseono returns to her home, and gyepil and sayong go on about how brave soseono was. wootae says soseono was immature instead of brave, and she was merely lucky, and she should not do the same again because that kind of luck only comes around once. yeontabal advises soseono to be cautious in the future and everyone leaves, except sayong who stays behind. next, sayong tells yeontabal soseono seems to have given her heart to prince jumong.

gyepil hands out reward money to the workers at yeontabal's and gyepil gives hyepbo 2 shares of money, saying sayong wants to give his to hyeopbo. ohyi and mari laugh, while hyepbo isn't sure what to think of it.
afterwards ohyi visits buyoung and she asks ohyi how jumong is doing. ohyi replies he's fine so she needn't worry. ohyi then says since jumong is back he'll surely help her leave dochi's place this time. ohyi then hands his reward money to buyoung and tells her to keep it. ohyi returns to yeontabal's and remains in a bad mood. when mari and hyeopbo urge him to get ready for the feast at buyeo palace, and ohyi says he won't go.

yeonchaeryeong helps soseono get ready and soseono tells her aunt about how she used to always calculate before making a transaction but during the last trip all she wanted was to save jumong even though she said she was doing business, soseono reveals how this was the first time she felt this way in her heart. jumong visits mopalmo and musong who congratulate him and jumong says the real competition has just began and they have to focus on finding the secret formula to perfecting strong swords.

yeomieul talks with the young schuldo fairy soryeong and yeomieul asks soryeong if the bad omen she felt when she entered buyeo had to do with jumong and soryeong says she's not sure.
just then the other sachuldo fairies come and asks yeomieul to prepare for the feast attendance, but yeomieul states she will not attend. the fairy yuseong is worried about the severed relationship between yeomieul and the king, but the other fairy tells her how the queen intends to make mawuryeo the next palace fairy. mawuryeo comments the business of setting head fairy is a matter of the heaven's so everyone should watch what they say.

the celeration feast begins in buyeo palace, with drummers and dancers opening the ceremony while the guests and the royal family dine an wine. daeso watches in jealousy as jumong and soseono toast to each other and seemingly having a goodtime. when the music stops, the king calls jumong, soseono, and yeontabal to come out in front. they follow his order and the king pours wine in 3 cups for them, then says they have erased the pain of the king and the citizens and he will not forget their contribution.
the king tells them to drink up and yeontabal praises the king's sovereignty. the king then says he will grant a wish to prince jumong for what he has accomplished. budeukbul jumps in and says even tough jumong's contribution is grand, but.. and he is interrupted by the king who says not to worry since he's not about to crown anyone yet. jumong states the king's reward should be awarded to soseono, for she is the one who believed in him and went all the way to gosan in search of salt. soseono replies she is happy that her family could bring this joy to buyeo, and her wish is that her merchant family can be like today with the imperial family always. the king grants her wish and promises the buyeo royal family will always be in good terms with soseono's.

jumong and daeso are both happy at soseono's reply. afterwards naro comes to soseono and tells her prince daeso wishes to see her for a moment. next, naro escorts soseono to daeso, and daeso thanks soseono for what she has done for buyeo. soseono says she was merely a lucky merchant.
daeso replies he is more happy that he could see her again alive then the fact that she did such a great deed for buyeo, for he was worried sick when he heard she was captured by the haein thuglord.. soseono apologizes for making him worry, and daeso walks closer to her and tells her he will surely be crowned prince and afterwards he will make her his queen. soseono studies daeso in surprise..
just then jumong walks by and sees soseono with daeso, and jumong appears jealoused.

daeso tells his mom he will go to hyeonto city to see yangjeong, since yangjeong had promised him previously that he would help him be crowned prince, and since yangjeong must have been hurt greatly by the king's decision, it is time for daeso to mend the bad tie between buyeo and yangjeong.
the queen agrees and warns him to be cautious. daeso tells her to keep his journey a secret from everyone else and he then leaves immediately for hyeonto city.

the king summons jumong to his room and the king tells jumong how proud he is, since even though one can make a contribution anytime, it is hard for one to change, and the king is very happy to see jumong return as a changed man. jumong replies he has lots to improve on still. king geumwa then hands jumong an important message to deliver to yangjeong at hyeonto city, and names jumong his teuk-sa-ja (special general). jumong says such important business should be given to someone like daeso instead, but the king calls his head general in and tells him to accompany jumong to hyeonto.

the queen and her clan find out about how the king's sending jumong on a mission as special general, and the queen is upset saying how the king always favored jumong and she's gotta see the king, but her brother calms her down saying she must be patient. budeukbul and the queen's brother meet with the other advisors and express how displeased they are at the king's selection of jumong but the other advisors say it's a rightful decision based on jumong's contribution.

next budeukbul goes to see the king and when the king mentions how yeomieul was absent from the festival, budeukbul pleads the king to look favorly towards yeomieul since she has been working hard for buyeo. budeukbul sees yeomieul and tells her it seems jumong has the upper hand in the crown prince competition, but yeomieul tells budeukbul jumong broke the damul arrow, and he must be haemosu's blood.
meanwhile soseono thinks about daeso's promise to make her queen when he becomes king, and at this thought soseono sighs.

jumong gets ready to go on the mission as the king's special messenger, and the king hands jumong the king's golden sword as a token of power. jumong accepts it and leaves for hyeonto city. as he passes through the palace gate, he exchanges looks and smiles with soseono who is watching him from the crowd. sayong who is next to soseono also bows to the prince as he passes by.
next, dochi's inferior meets with baemang and asks how he can let jumong live. baemang says it was more profitable to keep jumong alive than to kill him, and he was right for he will be making big money from now on. dochi's inferior is stunned without word. just then buyoung brings dochi's favorite pig intestine (or something disgusting i don't know it's bloody), but dochi says he has no appetite. dochi asks how he can meet yeomieul so he can make a wish cuz things aren't going well for him these days,
but buyoung says yeomieul does not pray for personal requests. after buyoung leaves dochi's righthand man arrives and tells dochi he has a way to get prince youngpo's trust back.

in hyeonto city, daeso arrives and yangjeong asks him why he didn't tell him about the existence of a salt mountain in gosan nation, and if he did he would've blocked jumong from reaching there.
daeso replies no one else knew about it. afterwards daeso drinks with his servant naro and tells him the farther he goes the lonelier it becomes.. naro replies it is because of the buyeo throne in the big picture. daeso says he will return the pain he's felt to those who've made him this low. jumong arrives in yangjeong's court and yangjeong wonders why he's here. daeso arrives outside the court and asks the guard if it's true that jumong came as a special general. the guard confirms it and daeso is upset.

inside yangjeong's court, yangjeong reads the message from geumwa which states buyeo will no longer be subject to han's demands. yangjeong comments buyeo is ungrateful since without han buyeo would have be anything. jumong replies han has not been supporting buyeo,
instead it has been threatening buyeo with its unending conditions and thus buyeo has been living in hell under the threats of han. jumong further states if han should threaten buyeo more buyeo will be the first to send army toward han. yangjeong is angered beyond belief and jumong leaves.
outside the court jumong runs into daeso who says he has something to say to him. jumong asks daeso why he's here and daeso replies that's none of his business. daeso then asks jumong what exactly did he say to yangjeong, and jumong replies that is not for daeso to know, since he is here not as a prince, but as a special general of the king. daeso is shocked by this and jumong states he must know why daeso is here first. daeso yells at him and asks if he really thinks he's gonna be the crown prince by the small contribution he made. daeso says to mark his words that this is not the end, and leaves.

back in buyeo, ohyi gets a bad news and runs to wake up mari and hyeopbo, to tell them that dochi has sold buyoung as a slave to the han nation. the trio arrive at dochi's and demand to see dochi, but dochi's servant tells them the master will not see them, and it's too late since buyoung has already been sold and had she been prettier they would've gotten a better price.

dochi's man goes inside and tells dochi the fish has taken bait and in no time they will catch their fish. mari and hyeopbo state the only thing they can do is to wait for jumong to return, but ohyi says it can't wait and goes to see yeontabal. ohyi asks yeontabal to lend him money, and gyepil scolds him for asking the merchant master for money. yeontabal asks how much, and ohyi says 10 thousand nyang. yeontabal laughs and asks what he will do with that money. ohyi replies he cannot answer it and yeontabal says he is funny to ask for that much money without telling a reason. ohyi says he will give him his life and yeontabal asks how much his life is worth, then comments at this point even if he sold himself he is not worth the 10 thousand nyang and he should return when he is worth that amount. soseono watches as ohyi gets rejected. next, ohyi gets drunk and runs to dochi's insisting on seeing dochi. then ohyi kneels before dochi and begs dochi not to sell buyoung. dochi says it's already done, and ohyi promises to do everything he wants as long as he doesn't sell buyoung. dochi asks if he is really prepared to do anything he wants and ohyi replies yes.

youngpo brings dochi and ohyi to daeso at night. daeso asks if ohyi is jumong's man, and asks ohyi if he knows what jumong is up to. at dochi's urging, ohyi reveals to daeso that jumong believes the way to win the crown title is to find the secret formula for curing sword and jumong is currently working with mopalmo to figure out the formula.

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