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Episode 17
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Jumong ep. 17:
credit: dramaok at

jumong arrives to soseono's room at the inn and begins to fight off the attackers.
when jumong stabs one of the men to death the rest run away on horse. sayong recognizes the stabbed one as one of the man from the group that tried to cheat soseono during her first merchant trip.
sayong does more research and learns that the attackers are led by baemang, who used to be a general of haengin nation, but after trying to cheat soseono he lost his position and became a thug, and this attack seemed to be about revenge. sayong advises soseono and the group to return to buyeo at once since should they continue their journey they will meet with more danger.
soseono asks jumong for his opinion and jumong replies he wishes to go to gosan nation no matter what.

han ambassador yang-jeong asks king geumwa to send 10,000 buyeo soldiers to fight a battle for han nation against seo-nam, and suggests the king to use this as an opportunity for buyeo to contribute toward han nation. the king asks for time to think it over, and his advisors are worried. youngpo is disgusted at the way yangjeong is threatening buyeo as if buyeo is his dog and youngpo tells daeso and the queen that he wants to kill yangjeong. daeso scoffs at him again saying that will ruin their nation.
next, yangjeong asks to see prince daeso, and yangjeong advises daeso to convince the king on his behalf or else the crisis of buyeo will return. daeso asks yangjeong to promise him that buyeo's army men will be clad in armore and that yangjeong will return the army men to buyeo. with this promise, daeso sees the king and tries to persuade him to agree to yangjeong's request, but the king asks daeso what if the hans lose their battle w/ buyeo's army? daeso argues this is a opportunity for buyeo to distinguish itself as a strong nation, but the king asks if they must sacrifice lives of young just to make themselves a strong nation.

meanwhile in haengin nation, jumong, ohyi and hyepbo spy on baemang's camp to see what structure they have and how many men they have, while mari studies the only viable route that leads to gosan nation from haein. mari watches as a group of merchants are ambushed and attacked by baemang's men.
gyepil persuades soseono to lead the group back home at once, and soseono says even though she really wanted to make it to gosan, since she knows her father is testing her ability through this mission, but she agrees with gyepil and sayong's assessment of danger and tells gyepil to get the group ready to head home.
just then jumong returns. soseono tells him the regrettable decision to return home since it's too dangerous, but jumong asks for 2 days to get rid of the danger. sayong asks if he intends to fight off baemang, and jumong says he's not sure and finding a route that can avoid the thugs is another possible solution. soseono agrees to give him 2 days. later mari asks jumong how in the world will he come up with a solution in 2 days and jumong replies he must pass throught the route in person. thus jumong and the trio pass through the route disguised as merchants and surely they are attacked and taken to custody at baemang's camp.
back at the inn, sayong asks soseono what she's thinking while they're having tea. soseono replies nothing and sayong asks if she's curious what solution jumong might come up with. soseono says not really, since she's not expecting much and the only reason she agreed to giving him 2 days worth of time is because she knows how important this trip is to jumong. whereas she can go on this trip again anytime in the future, jumong won't have the same opportunity again. sayong comments soseono's heart seems to be leaning towards jumong. soseono says she will not argue otherwise because when she looks at jumong she wants to do everything for him, and asks sayong if she understands that kind of feeling. sayong says nothing and gyepil arrives, telling them jumong went into baemang's camp. sayong comments jumong will not be soseono's weapon afterall.

jumong, mari, hyepbo and ohyi are tied up in the makeshift prison, and are scheming a way to get out at night to attack their capturer. but just then dochi's men arrive and ask to buy some slaves. dochi's men see that jumong is among the captured slaves and are happy at such. night time arrives, and jumong tells the trio it's time they make their escape. hyeopbo with his superhuman strength breaks the rope around him and frees himself and the others. but unbeknowns to jumong and the trio, baemang has already learned about his identity and are waiting to trap them. jumong and the trio find an empty house inside the camp but as they come out they are surrounded by baemang and his men, along with dochi's men. jumong and the trio are left with no choice but to surrender.

dochi's right-hand man leaves haengin, and tells baemang he must kill jumong. baemang says before he will kill jumong he must capture soseono first. dochi's man says that's up to him, but one thing for sure is that he must kill jumong. after dochi's group leaves, baemang's man asks if he will really kill jumong and if he really is a prince then it could be a big deal. baemang says the foremost matter is to capture soseono.
dochi's man returns to tell dochi about what happened, and buyoung overhears their conversation. while dochi goes to tell youngpo the 'good news' buyoung weeps...

meanwhile back in the palace yeomieul faints during the ceremony. when she awakes the other fairies tell her the king has yet to make up his mind about the request from yangjeong.
yangjeong meets with budeukbul and daeso, and yangjeong is angry how long the king is wavering about a simple request. yangjeong comments he has no choice but to return the relationship between buyeo and han to the dire state it was before daeso brought haemosu's head, if the king cannot accept his request at once.

mopalmo rants his woes to musong as he is drunk on wine. mopalmo blurs out how he wishes jumong will be the crown prince and future king. just then prince youngpo arrives and yells at mopalmo for saying what he said. musong begs for forgiveness saying mopalmo is drunk. youngpo tells mopalmo if he will say such thing again he will not survive even if he had 10 heads. meanwhile yoohwa's maid mudeok tells lady yoohwa the king has yet to make his decision on what yangjeong asked. mudeok worries if the king rejects yangjeong buyeo will once again fallen into a crisis. yoohwa tells her to go to yeontabal's and find news of jumong.

next day in court the king summons yangjeong and tells him he will not lend his troops to han. yangjeong warns him to reconsider or else han and buyeo's relationship will be severed. yangjeong continues to warn geumwa about the future between them and the king is angered and orders him to shut up at once.
king geumwa then tells yangjeong han nation is the one who will suffer from a bad relationship with buyeo. yangjeong replies he will relate his words to the han imperial word by word. yangjeong leaves and the king orders his subjects to get the armies ready for movement. the king's advisors meet and and divided on what they should do, and budeukbul says the biggest problem facing them will be the shortage of salt and they must find a way to overcome it independent of han nation.

yeomieul goes to see the king after she hears about what the king decided on and she tells the king he is too harsh for not visiting even for once during the many days of holy ceremony. the king replies he already told her he is not gonna concern himself with her fairy matter anymore so if she's here to argue about that she should just leave at once. yeomieul states she never lived for herself, and that before she was a fairy woman she was a woman with prince geumwa and he alone in her heart, and after she became a fairy she only lived for buyeo nation. geumwa replies similarly haemosu meant everything to him and the wound she caused him will never be healed. yeomieul then says the king is unable to see clearly the national matters because of his severed relationship with the gods. the king asks if he must sacrifice the blood of 10 thousand soldiers to satisfy the gods, and the king tells her not to block his eyes and ears anymore with the name of the gods.

yeontabal sees that buyeo is getting ready for battle. wootae asks if they should leave this place, and yeontabal replies it is not too late to wait a while and wonders how soseono is doing on her mission.
meanwhile 2 days have passed since jumong's capture and gyepil and sayong urge her to return to buyeo soon. soseono replies she will go to baemang's camp herself. sayong scoffs her for acting unlike herself. soseono replies she remembers the words her father told her as a kid, which is that a merchant must know how to make a deal even with his enemy. sayong asks if she's gonna make a deal with baemang and soseono says that is not impossible. soseono then orders gyepil to stay behind to watch the group while she and sayong go to baemang's camp. soseono asks sayong if he rejects the idea and sayong says he wants to see what deal she will make and thus he will go with her.

soseono arrives at baemang's and demands to see general baemang. baemang's man tells her baemang is not present at the moment and orders other men to put her in jail for the timebeing. soseono walks herself into the jail. sayong tells them soseono came here on her own and hyepbo wonders why she would do that. sayong tells hyeopbo it's good that he's well and hyeopbo is speechless. jumong asks soseono if she is really here on her own will and soseono replies yes, and asks him why he didn't tell her he was planning on going through the route himself. jumong apologizes for causing the trouble with a bad judgment. soseono says not to apologize since she's here to make a deal with baemang.

baemang returns and finds out soseono came on her own. meanwhile jumong asks soseono what she will do if her deal is not accepted, and that it is dangerous to make a deal with her life at stake. soseono says she's dealt her fate in jumong's hands, and even if she fails and she loses her life, she will not have any regrets. jumong studies soseono in shock of her words, but baemang's men arrive to take soseono to baemang. as she leaves jumong calls her and says he too will wage his life in her hands.