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Episode 16
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Jumong ep. 16:
jumong (song il-guk) tells soseono (han hye-jin) he wants to go on a business trip with her to gosan nation.
soseono asks advice from her father and his advisors, and wootae says it's too dangerous, while sayong says gosan nation has nothing to offer for merchants, but soseono asks her father for approval saying she could bring lots of money to their business as well as other advancements. meanwhile prince daeso (kim seong-su) rethinks jumong's warning and is angered. he then calls his subject naru to go to yeontabal's to fetch soseono.

soseono receives her father's approval and she tells the good news to jumong who is happy as well. she asks jumong how he knows gosan nation has salt and jumong explains his mother from habaek heard of such when she was still a girl there. just then naru arrives and tells soseono prince daeso wishes to see her at the palace. soseono tells naru she is not someone who comes and goes at the prince's whim and naru should go back and tell the prince what she said. jumong watches as soseono declines daeso's invitation.
wootae says he will accompany her on the trip but yeontabal says he needs wootae for something else. wootae is still worried and tells sayong to keep a close eye on soseono, but sayong says wootae seems to worry over soseono more than he should, then sayong expresses disappointment that wootae isn't worried about sayong since he's also going.

naru returns to the palace and relates soseono's words to daeso. daeso is surprised but laughs saying soseono is a lawless woman and in that case he will go see her instead, as he continues to laugh at soseono's actions. sayong tries again to convince soseono not to go to gosan nation. soseono says it is already set. sayong asks whose idea it was to find salt in gosan nation, and soseono replies it was jumong's idea but she agrees with him. sayong says finding salt for buyeo might be a good thing for buyeo but it is not advantageous for their business since salt is a weapon of leverage for their business and what weapon will they use if they should ever go against buyeo.

jumong is walking alone towards the palace and sees musong making out with yoohwa's servant mudeok. jumong goes up to them and asks musong if he should be doing what he was doing with his sister, but musong replies mudeok is not his real sister since they don't share the same father nor mother.
jumong says he should still be careful in the future as they are right outside the palace, but musong says jumong with his reputation back from the palace days should not be the one to teach him about this matter.
jumong visits his mother and bids farewell before his trip to gosan. yoohwa (oh yeon-su) says she only heard of such thing as salt in gosan, but she could not confirm it to him, and jumong says he knows and it is still worth a try. yoohwa takes the ring from haemosu off of her necklace, and hands it to jumong, telling jumong to keep it and give it to the woman he likes when he finds her.

next jumong asks musong amd mopalmo to look after his mother and continue working on finding the secret formula while he's absent. mopalmo replies actually there's something he wants to show jumong.
mopalmo takes jumong to the weapon factory and shows jumong the strong sword they were able to manufacture. mopalmo shows jumong the sword is as strong as those made by the han nation and musong asks if this means mopalmo has found the secret formula already, but mopalmo says this sword was produced by accident and subsequent productions failed, but the possibility of figuring out the secret formula is there and soon he will find it.

buyeo's fairy witch yeomieul taks to the young fairy so-young from sachuldo's wooga sector. so-young tells yeomieul how she has been feeling uneasy since she's been here and yeomieul remembers the time when the star child fainted before jumong. yoohwa gets a visit from the king. yoohwa tells the king jumong will be going to gosan nation for yeontabal's business. the king comments jumong will be able to learn many things about the world as he travels such long road to gosan. yoohwa agrees, and the king then asks yoohwa if she knows haemosu was jumong's teacher, and when yoohwa replies yes, the king asks her if jumong knows haemosu is his father and yoohwa says no. the king comments should jumong find that out he would be severely traumatized.

yeomieul arrives at yoohwa's corridor and asks to see lady yoohwa. yoohwa's maid mudeok tells yeomieul the king is visiting with yoohwa, but yeomieul insists on seeing lady yoohwa and the king. yeomieul comes in and reports to king that the sacred damul bow was broken by one of the princes. yoohwa says jumong didn't even get near the bow since he got lost on his way to shijo mountain.
yeomieul ignores yoohwa and says the damul bow is not one that can be easily broken by the mere strength of a human, and the one who broke such sacred bow will surely bring a dark future to buyeo. the king asks if yeomieul is making up yet another crisis and says damul bow could be broken simply due to its antiquity. yeomieul expresses her worry over the matter and the king warns her buyeo's future will be decided by him not her.

yeomieul calls another meeting with sachuldo fairies and tells them they should prepare themselves for a holy sacrimony since buyeo's faced with danger. during the ceremony yeomieul sacrifices a young pig by mixing its blood with a pure feather before the sacrimony table. when the blood does not mix well with the holy water yeomieul is shaken with woes. budeukbul and other advisors watch and budeukbul tells the other advisors the fairy witch is engulfed with the holy ceremony for days since the king is not heeding her advice. the advisors say it will not be good if the citizens find out about this, and budeukbul comments the king has changed too much since the death of haemosu.

soseono visits sayong and tells him she still go on the trip, and that she will help jumong become a crown prince. sayong listens to her as she tells him instead of saving salt as their leverage,
she will use jumong as her weapon in time of need and this will be a weapon greater than salt.

at last wootae gives the trio and jumong some words of precaution before they leave for their journey. wootae also asks jumong to take care of soseono and jumong agrees.
yeontabal arrives and gives those leaving the okay to leave. wootae watches them leave and tells yeontabal he is not at peace watching soseono going on this trip. yeontabal replies he cannot watch her all his life and sooner or later she will have to go out to the world. soseono spots buyoung out from the crowd as buyoung finds jumong leaving buyeo. buyoung wishes him a good journey. jumong assures her once he returns he will get her out of dochi's, meanwhile dochi's man follows buyoung around and returns to tell dochi jumong is headed to gosan nation. dochi wonders if he heard wrong since gosan has nothing good to offer to merchants. dochi's man then asks dochi if he really believes prince youngpo can be a crown prince and dochi slaps his head saying he is not a fool and in this world one as gullible as youngpo will never be a crown prince,

meanwhile back in palace younpo tells one of the passing by palace maids to come to his bed at night. just then youngpo's uncle arrives and tells him doesn't he know that all palace maids are the king's women? youngpo replies the king only has eyes for one woman in the palace so it's not wrong to play with the other women.

during royal court, budeukbul reports to the king about the fairy witch busy with holy ceremonies and suggests the king to consult her . the king replies he already told him he no longer wants to be consulted about the fairy therefore from now on not to mention the fairy before him. the king then asks about the news reported by yeontabal about hae-in and okjo nations. an advisor responds according to yeontabal's report, during a meeting between han's hyeonto city rep and hae-in nation, reps from okjo nation was also there and this was odd since haein and okjo don't particularly get along well. the king asks daeso what he thinks of the matter and daeso replies surely hyeonto city is trying to build haein and okjo as allies against buyeo, then daeso says he will meet with yeontabal and find out more. the court adjourns and outside the court youngpo asks daeso what he thinks about the rift between the king and yeomieul, but daeso tells him its not for him to worry about, then youngpo tells daeso about how he told the fairy about what really happened at shijo and daeo is angered. youngpo asks daeso what he thinks about the one who broke the bow since jumong says he didnt' even get near shijo mountain and daeso calls him a fool who can't accomplish anything.

daeso visits yeontabal for the matter of haein vs. okjo nation. when daeso comments soseono is not there, yeontabal replies soseono went all the way to gosan nation for a business trip. daeso asks if by chance jumong went with her and yeontabal replies yes. daeso then asks yeontabal what he thinks about jumong and soseono. yeontabal tells daeso soseono once saved jumong from drowning in quickmud, and even took him to shijo mountain. shocked at this revelation, daeso remembers how jumong told the king he didn't make it to shijo mountain back then.

next, soseono stops the group for rest. soseono invites jumong inside the tent for meal, and jumong declines saying he is merely a laborer and he will eat with the other workers outside. sayong watches as soseono says nothing, showing disappointment. inside the tent soseono eats with gyepil and sayong. gyepil is worried about crossing haein nation tomorrow, and when soseono seems distracted, gyepil asks if he should get jumong in and soseono says not to worry about him. sayong grins as he watches soseono obviously bothered by rejection from jumong.

afterwards, soseono goes out and sits by jumong who is roasting fire alone. jumong urges her to go to bed but soseono replies she can't fall asleep, since she is worried about disappointing her father. jumong comforts her saying she will succeed. soseono asks on what account does he say that and jumong says since she is stronger than men. jumong then asks her if she remembers how she told him she could take on 10 men like him and how she called him a pathetic fool. soseono laughs and says back then he did appear pathetic talking too much and fearing too much. jumong agrees but asks if she still thinks of him as the same and soseono replies she's not sure since he appears to have improved a lot, but competing against daeso jumong may still be lacking a lot. jumong comments no one is as strong as daeso, and soseono replies if jumong means what he said then he is indeed pathetic still. at this they both smile.

just then gyepil and sayong appear from behind, and gyepil asks if sayong wants to make a bet with him. gyepil wants to bet that soseono is falling for jumong and asks sayong if he will bet on daeso. sayong says they should wage a higher bet then, since what your heart wants may be different from what reality needs, and soseono as he knows is a very pragmatic person. at this gyepil backs down and says it's foolish to make a bet.

the queen is worried about the relationship between the king and yeomieul, and the queen asks daeso to help mend the situation, but daeso says when he becomes king he will not allow a fairy to be involved in palace matters either. wootae reports to yeontabal han soldiers from hyeonto city are marching into buyeo. at the same time budeukbul reports to daeso ambassador yangjeong has arrived at buyeo. next yangjeong greets the king in the royal court.

meanwhile soseono, jumong, and the rest of the traveling group get an eyeful as they pass through the vibrant haein nation. at an eatery, soseono dines with gyepil and sayong, but soseono watches jumong who's eating with the trio at another table. jumong and the trio discuss the accuracy of their haein map as they eat. just then a passingby man recognizes soseono as the one who almost killed them once when they try to cheat on a deal. he goes back and reports this to his leader who cannot believe that she would step into haein nation after what she did to them. he orders his men to catch soseono at once and bring her to him. at night the men go to the inn where soseono's group is staying in search of soseono. just as these men enter her room, soseono awakes but pretends to be asleep until the men draw close to her. soseono pulls out her sword and asks the men who they are. the men start attacking her and jumong overhears noises from his room. next jumong comes to sosoeno's room and begins to fight off the men....

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