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Episode 15
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episode 15: 
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yeontabal, along with soseono and wootae watch as jumong practices bow and arrow and comments he's never seen someone so great at the weapon.yeontabal comments how jumong's name must also mean 'good with bow and arrow' and jumong nods. then yeontabal remembers haemosu who used to work for him and jumong says haemosu was his master who passed away not long ago.

gyepil arrives telling soseono prince daeso is looking for her. soseono exchanges looks with jumong and comments if daeso has business with her he should just come looking for her himself...
meanwhile king geumwa remembers the words of yeomieul who urged him not to do what he's doing right now regarding the matter of crowning a prince. geumwa tells budeukbul about what he said to yeomieul and comments he can no longer trust yeomieul and even now when he thinks about what she did he wants to kill her at once. the king then tells budeukbul he will not forgive anyone who betrays him.

the queen and her brother are elated at the accomplishments of daeso and youngpo. daeso compliments youngpo who says his accomplishment is nothing compared to daeso's. the queen then learns about the visit of sachuldo fairy mawulryeon to palace and the queen goes to see her. the queen meets mawulryeon and fairy yuseon. the fairies tell the queen not to worry for prince daeso is the most accomplished of the princes and he will surely be crowned.

soseono arrives at the palace at daeso's summon and soseono congrats him on his accomplishement. daeso replies the matter will benefit her family as well. then daeso hands her a gift of boxed jewelry, saying it may not be special to her since she is already rich but it represents his sincerity thus she should accept it.
soseono goes home and feels burdened by daeso's words. just then jumong arrives in her room to give her records from the day. soseono asks him to sit for moment and tells him she can't figure him out at all, nor does she understand why he's working here. soseono then comments what daeso did for buyeo was indeed a great thing for buyeo like he said, but daeso is currently in competition with him and as a man he should have more ambition. soseono then asks jumong if her words flame him and he says it is no use getting flamed over something you can't control. jumong then goes on and explains though both daeso and youngpo resolved the salt crisis of buyeo, but their solution is only short term, since if han nation changes its mind buyeo will once again fall into the same crisis, and the only way to really resolve the matter is for buyeo to not have to depend on han for salt. soseono asks if there is a way to do that and buyeo replies no, then leaves. after jumong leaves soseono comments jumong is not the thoughtless guy she thought before.

jumong and the oh-ma-hyep trio visit dochi and jumong greets buyoung who is working in the courtyard. then dochi appears and jumong tells him he will take buyoung away. dochi says even though jumong is a prince he cannot ignore the fact that buyoung is a slave here. jumong says buyoung was not always a slave and she was a palace maid before. dochi says it was a long time ago and if jumong wants her now he must pay 5000 yan for her, and another 5000 yan for her 2 siblings. jumong says he will pay dochi in the future if he will let her go now, but dochi says he's not a fool and leaves. jumong tells the crying buyoung that he will surely come back for her in the future.

prince youngpo drinks away his sorrowful anger at dochi's and asks for the maid buyoung to accompany him. dochi summons her and tells her she needs to serve prince youngpo today.youngpo tries to make a move on her but she shrugs away and youngpo slaps her then draws his sword so to kill her but dochi calms him down saying it is no use to kill a mere girl. youngpo returns to palace and is summoned by fairy yeomieul who asks if it is true that he and prince daeso drew an arrow on the sacred damul bow at shijo mountain. youngpo says he wouldn't lie to the king and yeomieul then tells him the damul bow has been broken and it has to be either daeso or youngpo since jumong didn't even get near it.
yeomieul says the one who broke the bow must be punished and youngpo fesses up and says neither him nor daeso were able to draw an arrow on the bow. yeomieul asks if they then lied to the king and youngpo says they couldn't tell the king about their failure, and asks yeomieul to keep their lie a secret. yeomieul says she understands and asks him to leave now. after he leaves yeomieul remembers the words of jumong who said he didn't find the bow of damul as he got lost in shijo mountain and yeomieul wonders if he too lied about it.

yeomieul summons the fairy star child to the palace and tells her to look through daeso and youngpo as the princes walk pass them. yeomieul asks about them and the star child shakes her head.
next yeomieul takes the star child to the house of yeontabal and the child walks before jumong and stares at him for a moment. jumong asks if hte child has something to say to him and the child faints after looking at jumong. yeomieul watches the happening from a distance and sees star child regain her conscious and walks away. yeomieul's fear is confirmed while jumong and musong wonder what the meeting was about.

jumong and musong arrive at the buyeo palace and they visit madam yoohwa and yoohwa's maid who greets them outside thx jumong for taking care of her brother musong, but jumong replies it is musong who is taking care of him. they two enter yoohwa's chamber and yoohwa tells him the matter he requested will be granted. musong thx yoohwa and then yoohwa asks jumong about what his plans are now that daeso and youngpo have each scored favor in the king's eyes. jumong says she mustn't worry too much and jumong takes musong to see mopalmo and tells musong his new post is at the buyeo weapon factory under mopalmo. next jumong gets the oh-ma-hyep trio to the facotry as well and urges all of them to help mopalmo figure out the recipe to cure iron so they can make superior swords like king geumwa has been wanting for years. mopalmo tells jumong about yeontabal soliciting his help to make swords before and jumong asks him if yeontabal knows the recipe to cure iron and mopalmo replies that is yet to be known.

next during court meeting, the king receives news from the elders of saculdo about their ease of mind that the crisis was resolved. the court messenger says it is all due to the accomplishment of prince daeso and the prosperity of king geumwa. daeso comments they must prevent future crisis like that and geumwa asks the queen's brother if he has found the culprit who stole weapons from buyeo factory yet and he replies not yet. prince youngpo appears nervous and the king tells the queen's brother they must find the culprit who is responsible for causing all the trouble. later prince youngpo urges his uncle to do something or else he will be killed by the king. daeso tells his servant naro he will have to find the culprit who stole the weapons from the factory himself. naro asks isn't the queen's brother on that case and daeso wonders why they haven't found the culprit yet.

meanwhile hyepbo is summoned by sayong who asks if the workload is really difficult and if so he should tell sayong. sayong then comments hyepbo resembles someone greatly. hyeopbo asks who and sayong then says he/she heard that hyepbo asked if sayong was a woman or a man, and sayong replies he can be female and male and for this ppl regard her as a freak. sayong then says before she came to yeontabal's she was raised by a general and hyepbo resembles that general greatly. sayong then says before hyepbo she is a female and hyeopbo gasps as he runs out of breath. hyeopbo leaves and mari and ohyi ask about his meeting with sayong and hyepbo comments sayong is a pitiful character indeed.

mopalmo visits yeontabal who reveals that he is about to find out the secret recipe to cure iron from a business associate from han nation. yeontabal then brings a knife made of superior metal and gives it to mopalmo as a present. later soseono finds out yeontabal merely bluffed about on the verge of finding out a secret formula to persuade mopalmo to help him.

meanwhile naro reports to prince daeso he found out dochi was the one behind the weapon thieves and daeso visits dochi and demands him to reveal who is behind him. dochi finally tells daeso it was prince youngpo and the queen's brother who were behind the steal. daeso returns to the palace and tells naro to bring youngpo and their uncle to him at once. when they arrive daeso asks why on earth they did such a foolish mistake and youngpo begs forgiveness saying they only tried to help daeso since they would need weapons in the future. youngpo goes on saying he never realized it would get so out of hand and continues to beg daeso to forgiveness. daeso says if the king were to find out the truth they would all be killed. daeso asks youngpo who else knows about this incident besides dochi and daeso orders youngpo to get rid of whoever knows the truth. mopalmo's assistant successfully made 1 sword as strong as that of the han nation but in the process 9 others failed. mopalmo tests it out and says not to tell the king about it until they can successfully make 10 such strong swords or else the king will be disappointed again.

mopalmo and musong takes that 1 sword to go see jumong but on the way they are ambushed by naro and a few men all masked in black. jumong and the trio rescue the duo in time and jumong unmasks the lead attacker and realizes it's daeso and youngpo's servant naro. next jumong goes to the palace and pays a visit to the two princes, and says the crime of stealing from the weapon factory is a great crime as is, and what would the punishment be if one were to attempt killing the head of the factory on top of such crime. daeso and youngpo are greatly alarmed, and jumong goes on saying he can't imagine what the king would do if he were to find out about all this. youngpo orders jumong to stop, but daeso tells youngpo to stop instead and jumong goes on to warn the two not to do anymore foolish things like so since he is no longer the same jumong and if they endanger him he will bring danger to them as well. jumong finsihes and gets up to leave. afterwards youngpo vows to kill jumong and daeso orders him to shut up again and throws youngpo out saying he doesn't even want to see his sorry image.

jumong pays yoohwa a visit and yoohwa tells jumong about her hometown habaek village and how salt was also a precious commodity there and her father wanted to marry her off to the man who had salt.
jumong asks if the king knows about it too and yoohwa says no since the king met her after the village was destroyed by the hans and she was being dragged away by the hyeonto warriors. jumong asks why habaek was destroyed by the hans and yoohwa pauses before saying that story will be told to him on another day.
yoohwa reveals there is a place outside of han that also produces salt and jumong leaves the palace again and asks gyepil about where yeontabal gets his salt. jumong then sends his trio to find a man from gosan nation. after they find a gosan man jumong goes to soseono and says he's got a proposition for her.