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Episode 14
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episode 14:
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after leaving the palace jumong visits yeontabal and asks to be a worker there.
yeontabal replies it would be hard for other workers if a prince was working among them.
jumong says he is not a prince, and explains how he wishes to learn about the world by working at yeontabal's. yeontabal then replies he will think about it. jumong goes outside and the trio beg jumong to return to the palace.jumong comments there's nothing for him to do inside the palace therefore his place is outside the palace. the trio are disappointed but jumong then tells the trio he will repay his debt to them when he becomes the son that his mother can be proud of.

yeontabal tells his inferiors they're faced with an opportunity to ride a tiger but it's a dangerous opportunity.
then he asks soseono what she thinks and she urges him to accept jumong since they can keep an eye on him if he is close to them and thus they can better determine whether or not he is the tiger they can ride on.
yeontabal is satisfied with her answer and sayong grins at soseono... next yeontabal goes out to the courtyard and tells jumong he can stay there as a worker but there is one condition which is that upon coming into their business jumong will no longer be treated like a prince. jumong agrees to be an inferior to soseono, gyepil, wootae, sayong, and anyone else who's been at the business even a day earlier than jumong. jumong smiles at soseono who studies him but says nothing.

the king learns about jumong getting into yeontabal's as a worker and he shares the news to madam yoohwa who worries about jumong, but the king assures her jumong must have his plan and yeontabal is a bright merchant. yoohwa then comments the elders of sachuldo and the fairy yeomieul would not agree to naming jumong a crown prince. the king replies he simply gave jumong an opportunity to be crowned but he cannot take jumong's side over the other princes.

meanwhile daeso visits ambassador yang-jeong of han nation who will not agree to resolve anything unless king geumwa himself came. budeukbul advises daeso to return to buyeo at once instead of dealing with the ridicules of yang-jeong, but daeso is determined to resolve the matter he came for or else he won't return to buyeo for the biggest ridicule is to have to compete with jumong for the title of crown prince and daeso vows to win over jumong. dochi tells prince youngpo about jumong being a worker at yeontabals and the prince then tells the queen about it, and the queen is alarmed saying jumong has changed lately and he must be up to something thus warns youngpo to keep an eye on the matter in daeso's absence.

fairy yeomieul is resentful that the king did not consult her first before setting the competition among the princes, and she tells the king it cannot be so. but the king replies he will no longer consult her on any matter as he did before, since she kept haemosu in a prison behind him and this betrayal led to haemosu's death. yeomieul argues she did so to protect buyeo's security but the king orders her to leave at once. yeomieul returns to her corridor shaken, and tells her maid to call a meeting among all the fairies of buyeo sachuldo at once.

buyeo's weapon maker mopalmo passes by the house of yeontabal and witnesses how jumong gets scolded by gyepil, and mopalmo stops gyepil saying how dare he treats the prince so, but jumong stops mopalmo and drags him aside to assure him he is there at his own will and mopalmo is not to worry.
mopalmo says he has yet to tell the king about how youngpo was behind the stolen swords from buyeo palace which inventually ended up in the hands of han and caused the big crisis at hand, but jumong replies it's not time yet and urges mopalmo to keep that a secret.

meanwhile dochi sends buyoung on a mission to deliver a written message to yeontabal, and when buyoung arrives soseono immediately remembers her and asks why she's there. buyoung hands her the scroll from dochi and asks soseono to give it to yeontabal. after buyoung leaves sayong asks soseono who that was and soseono replies she is the woman jumong likes. sayong comments the way soseono looked at buyoung earlier was out of a jealoused look and an annoyed soseono brushes if off as nonesense. buyoung finds ohyi and asks him where jumong is. a disappointed ohyi shows her where jumong is laboring away and buyoung is heartwrenched seeing the prince in toil. later ohyi helps jumong with a heavy load.

yeontabal reads the message from dochi asking him to return the salt he stoled last time or else a war will be broken among them. soseono says they can't just give it back and if so it would hurt their pride, but yeontabal says their pride was already reduced when soseono failed her mission last time getting herself kidnapped. soseono apologizes and yeontabal tells sayong to return the salt to dochi. sayong then asks yeontabal why he thinks dochi wants the salt all of a sudden and suggests dochi must be trying to help prince youngpo resolve the salt crisis in buyeo to score in the competition among the princes. yeontabal agrees with sayong's assessment and soseono says perhaps they should release the salt instead and score well in the eyes of the buyeo palace, but yeontabal says releasing the salt will not resolve the salt crisis in buyeo in the long term, and it will only create a shortterm remedy that may lead to more troubles ahead.
sayong asks yeontabal if he is hoping for a war between buyeo and han nation, and yeontabal replies a war creates opportunity to make great money.

at nighttime jumong practices swordsory and soseono watches. when jumong notices her and calls her 'miss' soseono approaches him and asks him how he's handling the work here. jumong answers fine and soseono then asks if he's escaping the palace during a difficult time so that he can return in a better time. soseono then reveals that prince daeso is at hyeonto city meeting the han ambassador while prince youngpo has solicited help from dochi to solve the salt matter in buyeo, and both princes are working to resolve the buyeo crisis, but jumong is doing nothing. soseono asks jumong to reveal his true intention saying if he wants she can help him, but jumong replies there's nothing he can do even if he gets involved, and it's more foolish to be involved when you can't do anything. when alone, soseono wonders if jumong is really without ambition as he seems, and if not how it is he appears so calm.

meanwhile at hyeontoseon, han ambassador yangjeong refuses to see daeso a second time and budeukbul continues to persuade daeso to return to buyeo at once, but jumong again refuses. suddenly daeso gets an idea and leaves.

back at buyeo palace the queen and madam yoohwa meet. the queen asks of jumong and yoohwa says she knows the queen is concerned about jumong, but the queen replies she is only worried about daeso who is away at hyeontoseon. jumong finds musong in town waging another round of bet and musong asks jumong to bet on one hand for him since jumong brought him luck previously but jumong loses the bet and tells he was only lucky that day, then tells musong he wants to talk to him. jumong asks musong what he plans to do for livelihood in the future and musong complains how he was counting on jumong but that's not panning out anymore. jumong asks musong if he will join hands with him, saying when he returns to the palace he will return as a crown prince. musong asks how he can help and jumong says he will creat a post for him in the palace. mari, hyeopbo and ohyi who are also present kneel before jumong and apologize for not knowing jumong's true intention earlier and vow again to lay their lives before him.

daeso returns to buyeo and tells his assistant naru that he's about to give him a very difficult task and naru assures daeso he will do whatever the prince orders. naru brings one of king geumwa's guards before prince daeso and with a sword under his neck, daeso asks the guard to reveal where haemosu's tomb is.
the guard says he cannot tell that information to anyone but daeso threatens to kill him and promises to reward the guard greatly when daeso gains power in the future. the guard finally reveals haemosu is burried at the top of cheon-mu mountain. daeso orders naru to go to cheon-mu mountain and carry out his order while he tends to another matter.

daeso arrives at yeontabal's and meets with soseono deep into the night. daeso tells gyepil no one is to know about his visit to soseono tonight and daeso surprises soseono with his visit. soseono asks how the matter at hyeontoseon is going and daeso replies it is not yet resolved and while he had to return to buyeo for something he came all the way here to see soseono. soseono replies she is honored that he can remember her amidst such a great mission, and daeso replies for these years growing up he never met another woman who could move his heart like her and wishes she felt the same about him. soseono smiles and replies she's never met a man as impressive as he either. daeso is satisified with the answer but their visit is interrupted by jumong who came to see her. daeso asks soseono what jumong is doing here and soseono tells daeso jumong asked to join them as a laborer and he does what he's told to at their business. daeso tells her to let him in the room and jumong enters. daeso scolds jumong for being such a loser then orders him to go out. jumong leaves but appears angered and determined by daeso's ridicule.

daeso brings a gift to the han ambassador who agrees to meet to accept the present. naru opens the present before yeongjeong and the present turns out to be a box with a human head. yangjeong asks what daeso is doing and daeso urges the ambassador to take a closer look, saying the head is haemosu's.
yangjeong is shocked that haemosu had been alive for 20 years, and daeso replies he too was shocked and knowing his father he would've surely waged war with han nation for haemosu's sake. daeso goes on telling yangjeong that he killed haemosu because he does not want to see buyeo in war with han, and with haemosu's head given to yangjeong as a present, yangjeong can now claim that he killed haemosu which will be considered a great deed in the eyes of han imperial. yangjeong is satisifed and tells daeso he will help him to be crowned heir to buyeo throne.

daeso and budeukbul leave and daeso tells budeukbul he knows how low a measure he took and he's aware that he might be cursed in the future for what he has done.
meanwhile dochi gives salt to prince youngpo who reports to the king that he was able to get salt after dealing with buyeo's blackmarket merchant. the king compliments him on a job well done.
but youngpo's glory is short-lived as prince daeso returns with news that he was able to persuade yangjeong to continue han's salt trade with buyeo. the king asks how and daeso lies saying he simply cleared the misunderstanding, and says nothing about haemosu's head. the king compliments daeso on solving a great crisis. soseono breaks the news to jumong who simply says it's good that daeso resolved the crisis. soseono thinks jumong is a foolish loser and if it were her she would've been sleepless that a brother who ridiculed her so greatly scored well with the king.

yeomieul meets with all the fairy women of buyeo and yeomieul urges all the fairies to help her stop the king from bringing buyeo down the wrong path, but yeomieul is shocked to hear one of the sachuldo fairies reveal that the sacred damul bow of buyeo had been broken when she visited shijo mountain and she fears a bad omen is in the future of buyeo.