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Episode 13
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episode 13: 
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jumong fights off the thugs and musong comments jumong is full of surprise.
just then king geumwa and his bodyguard arrive in time to see how well jumong fights.
afterwards the king asks to wine with jumong and asks him to come back to the palace. prince youngpo arrives in time to witness the king there. jumong despairs in his own ill fate and states his life is destined for misfortune seeing his master was killed because of him. the king tells jumong yoohwa is ill and jumong must return, and that even if the heavens forsake jumong he the king will never abandon jumong for he is his son.

jumong returns to the palace and prince youngpo is flustered, seeking advice from his brother prince daeso on what to do next, telling daeso about how jumong's skills have improved tremendously while he was away from the palace, and the king seems to linger his love for jumong. prince daeso advises youngpo not to try so hard to kill jumong from now on, and if they are to fight jumong of they will do so rightly.
next in a private meeting prince daeso asks budeukbul if he thinks jumong is a threat to daeso's eventual throne and what he thinks of the king's attitude toward jumong, and if budeukbul also thinks jumong is general haemosu's blood. jumong simmers medicine for his mom yoohwa who remains pale and jumong thinks about the words of haemosu who told him not to fail to protect the woman he loves.

meanwhile mari, hyeopbo and ohyi elate at the news of jumong back in palace and celebrate their future fortunes since they saved jumong many times. sayong and wootae report to soseono that jumong has returned as prince. soseono tells sayong her investment in jumong seems fruitful afterall.
sayong replies she is too greedy to be pulling jumong on one hand and daeso on the other hand. sayong asks which is truly better for their business and soseono each has its own issues.

jumong falls asleep next to yoohwa when yoohwa awakes at last and thinks about how haemosu told her not to tell jumong about who his true father is since jumong's father has always been geumwa. jumong awakes and yoohwa tells him there is something that he must complete and he will know what it is when the time comes. jumong says the most important matter for him is to watch over his mother yoohwa and he will not go of her hand.

jumong meets with the head of weapon factory mopalmo who tells jumong about the two princes taking swords from the factory with help from the queen's brother. jumong orders him not to tell that to anyone else and next jumong runs into his two brothers while walking in palace. jumong greets the brothers and says he is late at greeting them since his mother's been ill. prince daeso asks for yoohwa's wellbeing and they part. afterwards youngpo asks daeso if they really should just let jumong go and daeso states yes.

the king asks jumong who are the ppl who's been trying to kill him and jumong states he doesn't know. next the king asks jumong how his skills have improved so drastically and jumong replies he met with a highly skilled master while he was away from the palace. the king asks to meet such skillful master and jumong regrettable replies his master has died. a surprised king geumwa asks jumong if his master is blind and jumong replies yes in surprise. jumong then asks geumwa if he knows his master and geumwa replies his master was his commarade as damul warriors back in the day. afterwards the king silently vows to continue haemosu's honor. meanwhile yeomieul's maid reports to yeomieul the king as summoned all to his court for an important news.

the king summons everyone including the queen, yoohwa, and all the princes, as well as the important advisors and generals. the king announces he will make his decision about who will be the crowned prince soon, so each prince is to figure out what they can do for buyeo so that the rightful heir to the throne can be determined. the queen and his brother say that prince daeso is the rightful heir without competition and the king asks daeso if he thinks the same. daeso replies he will compete with his brothers as the king ordred. the king tells youngpo if he can prove himself he can also be named the crown prince. youngpo is reluctant and the king raises his voice asking if he can't even have such ambition and youngpo says he will follow the king's order. next the king asks jumong what he thinks and jumong asks the king to allow him to go outside the palace again. the king asks why and jumong states if he hadn't been thrown out of palace he would've never realized how sheltered and foolish he was, so until he can be all that he can he wishes to be outside the palace again. the king agrees at jumong's request and madam yoohwa appears to be supportive of jumong's decision. next the queen returns to her corridor and expresses anger at the king's decision to give daeso's birthright to whoever is most fit.

budeukbul asks yeomieul if she was surprised at jumong's decision to go outside the palace again and yeomieul states jumong must have received the courage of haemosu. budeukbul asks yeomieul if she is still angry at him for not asking her advise before getting daeso to kill haemosu, and yeomieul warns budeukbul if he should get in her way of protecting buyeo again she will not stand idle. jumong receives his mother's blessing to be away from the palace and yoohwa tells him since he is leaving on his own will this time he can come back whenever he wants.

ma-ga of sachuldo arrive at the palace to give king an update. the queen and her brother the diplomat meet with maga and asks him to talk to the king about the crowning daeso as the heir of throne. maga goes to see the king and the king insists he wants to open the crowning to the one who can do most for the citizens of buyeo and maga returns to tell the queen the king has made up his mind is unwavered. prince daeso also states the king is not one who backs down once he's made up his mind and they should do as the king asked. gyepil runs to the house of yeontalbal to tell everyone how the king has started a competition among the princes to determine who is most fit to be crowned. wootae replies daeso should be the rightful heir and it makes no sense to have a competition. sayong explains the king must be preparing to crown jumong instead. yeontalbal states things are interesting, and soseono remembers the day when jumong introduced himself as buyeo's prince and how he says he liked her. soseono also remembers meeting daeso for the first time and at these memories soseono smiles.

dochi tells prince youngpo he should be the one to be crowned since he is most fit, even more so than prince daeso, and youngpo grins at dochi's assessement. meanwhiel dochi's men are attacked by armored men of han nation who steal the swords from dochi's men to bring to the ambassador of han nation.
the ambassador of han nation sends a message to king geumwa stating they now have proof that buyeo has ignored the warning of han nation to not create weapons and as a result the han nation has stopped all its treaties with buyeo nation and buyeo nation is to await its fate decided upon the emperor of han.
mopalmo is dragged before the king and prince jumong remembers how mopalmo told him prince youngpo and daeso once took swords from the weapon factory. the king asks mopalmo how it is that weapons from mopalmo's factory ended up in the hands of han nation and mopalmo insists those weapons were not from his factory. just then the queen's brother offers to get to the bottom of the matter, but yeomieul appears and tells the king the nation of han has stopped exporting salt to buyeo and salt is like the livelihood of buyeo citizens so the king himself must meet with the han ambassador at once to resolve the matter.

prince youngpo seeks dochi and threatens to kill him unless dochi destroys all evidence of their relationship right away. prince youngpo goes out and sees that buyoung overheard their conversation and youngpo warns buyoung she will be killed if she tells anyone about what she heard. meanwhile king geumwa discusses the matter of salt and han nation with budeukbul when prince daeso arrives and offers to go see the han ambassador in lie of the king. budeukbul urges the king to accept daeso's request for he supports and believes in the prince. jumong meets with yoohwa who tells jumong daeso is on his way to see the han ambassador. yoohwa warns if daeso resolves the matter he will score heavily as an asset to buyeo. yoohwa asks jumong what he will do for the king and jumong states it is time for him to leave the palace.
on his way to see the han ambassador, a horse-riding prince daeso passes by jumong who is leaving the palace on foot.

gyepil reports to yeontabal about the shortage of salt in buyeo now that the han has stopped its export to buyeo and yeontabal states salt has always been the weakness of buyeo and gyepil suggests they should sell the salt they took from dochi last time and yeontabal orders gyepil to shut up.
jumong arrives in town and runs into the oh-ma-hyeop trio again who vow their pledge to jumong. jumong tells them he left the palace again and from now on he will live outside the palace. the trio are surprised to hear jumong's decision and ask him what he means, when yeontabal, soseono, wootae and sayong arrive.
to everyone's surprise jumong asks yeontabal to accept him as one of his workers

Jumong starts to get influence from the migrants.