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Episode 12
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episode 12:

yoohwa and haemosu reunite after 20 years. yoohwa tells haemosu how she saw him blinded and crucified but at the time she was already pregnant with his child and in order to keep haemosu's blood alive she said nothing to stay alive. yoohwa then weepingly apologizes for not realizing he was alive all these years and explains how their child whom she named jumong would be told about his real father now. yoohwa continues by saying she will live with him and their child jumong together for the rest of their lives. haemosu says no jumong must not know he is the father since he has not done anything for jumong these years and the only father jumong will know is geumwa. haemosu also states he is a threat to the state of buyeo and he must leave.

yoohwa is tormented by the meeting and goes to see the king confessing to him he met with haemosu and she wishes to leave the palace to spend the rest of her life with haemosu. king geumwa tells yoohwa to bring haemosu to him and he will make sure haemosu and yoohwa can live well together the rest of their lives. yoohwa says she cannot ask anymore favors from geumwa and haemosu would want to live in humbleness so yoohwa asks the king to let her go instead, but geumwa insists he cannot and says he will meet with haemosu himself to persuade him to agree with him.

haemosu and jumong are practing shooting arrow and jumong shoots 3 arrows on target. at this haemosu compliments jumong saying he did a great job and jumong replies he was named jumong by his mother because jumong is the blood of his father who was great at shooting arrows. haemosu teaches jumong never fail to protect the woman of his life as he failed, that if one could not protect the one close to him he will not be able to protect the lives of hundreds of citizens. jumong nods and haemosu urges jumong he must protect his mother who must be wise and graceful. jumong says yes and haemosu then tells him to go see his mother even for a split second from distance at once and jumong agrees. haemosu who fights back his tears bidding farewell to jumong then asks jumong to bring wine on his way back and walk slowly to get there. jumong says yes and promises to bring wine and meat back.

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after jumong leaves the group of soildiers led by prince daeso and youngpo are marching toward the mountain where haemosu is. meanwhile king geumwa, his bodyguards and madam yoohwa are also on their way to see haemosu. mari, hyeopbo and ohyi catch up to jumong and tell him the news that hundreds of soildier are on their way to their hideout. jumong sees haemosu ambushed and attacked by army men and jumong realizesa that the army men are led by his brothers the two princes. jumong tries to run to help haemosu but the trio stop him and they hit jumong to unconsciousness to stop him from getting killed too. haemosu fights off the men in swords but prince daeso orders the arrow shooters to attack and haemosu is shot by half a dozen arrows. as haemosu falls he remembers meeting yoohwa and falling in love with her then reuniting with her at last.... prince daeso approaches haemosu and slashes him to death.

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king geumwa and madam yoohwa arrive too late and they see a deceased haemosu soaking in his own blood and with arrows stuck in his torso. geumwa and yoohwa and overwhelmed with grief as geumwa calls out his friend haemosu's name....

jumong regains his consciousness and asks what happened to his master haemosu. when he finds out haemosu died he runs to the hut and calls out for his master but haemosu's body is no where to be found and jumong only sees the stick haemosu always carried with him. jumong weeps by his master's stick in grief.

geumwa remembers the day before battle 20 years ago when haemosu asks geumwa to look after yoohwa if anything should happen to him in battle, and how if haemosu were to die he wishes geumwa to throw his body over the cliff. yoohwa holds onto haemosu's hand and asks him to please say something to her... geumwa watches yoohwa weeping over haemosu and says they should let haemosu go in peace now. yoohwa is unable to let the body go and continues to beg the already dead haemosu to talk to her. geumwa orders the maids to take yoohwa away and she faints while weeping.

yeomieul asks budeukbul if he knows who killed haemosu and budeukbul replies he was the one who killed haemosu and yeomieul is angered. budeukul says he has no regret for what he did was but to protect the king. yeomieul says the king will surely find out who killed haemosu, but budeukbul says even so the king will not kill his own son prince daeso who actually killed haemosu even though it was budeukbul's idea.

meanwhile jumong tells the trio around him to leave and says haemosu who was imprisoned without knowing why was killed because of relation with jumong. back in buyeo palace the queen wants to see for herself how yoohwa looks when she's ill and insists on going to see yoohwa even when yoohwa says she will not have visitors. the queen tells yoohwa she should get well soon but laughs at yoohwa privately saying she must be torn apart seeing that the lover of her lifetime died, but vows it is not the end of yoohwa's misfortune for she the queen will make sure yoohwa suffers more.
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the king is trying to find out who killed haemosu and prince youngpo goes to tell daeso about the king going after the army men they used. prince youngpo insists she didn't even know that man was haemosu, and prince daeso says he will take all the responsibility so youngpo mustn't worry. the king summons prince youngpo and demands him to answer if he used the army men to kill haemosu. just then prince daeso arrives and asks all the men in the king's court to leave. the king talks to daeso in private and daeso kneels before the king and confesses he was the one who told the innocent youngpo to take the 200 army men, and he prince daeso was the one who killed general haemosu. the king draws his sword toward daeso and daeso says he did it to protect their nation, that the han nation would've surely gone after buyeo if they found out king geumwa was protecting haemosu who is considered a dead enemy to the han nation. the king is unable to kill his own son after hearing daeso's words and orders daeso to disappear before him at once. daeso leaves and budeukbul tells daeso he showed the courage of a buyeo prince and budeukbul vows to be daeso's loyal servant from this day forward.

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geumwa visits yoohwa and sees how weak she is but says he's too ashamed to even tell her to get well. geumwa leaves and orders his assistant to go find jumong at once and bring him back to the palace.
meanwhile soseono gives mari money and asks him to look after jumong. 
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sayong comments jumong is a buyeo outcast and he doesn't understand why she's spending time and money over a useless person, but soseono replies whether or not jumong is useless is still to be determined. jumong parties his days away with wine and women while musong and mari watch. buyoung goes to look for jumong and sees him crying out in frustration, after sending over the prostitute he spent the night with. buyoung is heartbroken by jumong wasting his life away and asks him why he lives so and jumong answers this is his true self and she should not bother with him from now on. 
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dochi's man finds out where jumong is and reports to prince youngpo. meanwhile the king's bodyguard meets with jumong to speak to him in private. the guard tells jumong to return to the palace at the king's order but jumong says he is no longer a prince and leaves.the bodyguard returns to the palace and reports to the king that jumong refused to come back to the palace. jumong is drunk again and walking home with musong when dochi's men surrounds them ready to attack. jumong and musong get in a brawl with dochi's men when the king and his bodyguard arrives at the scene. the king tells his guard to stay out and watches jumong fend for himself against the many men.
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images from yahoo korea.