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The former Shrine Maid

IPB Image (photo from imbc)
Buyoung first appears in episode 3, as a shrine maid to the soceress, yeomieul, when jumong first appears too. At the beggining, she is the object of Jumong's attraction. Jumong seems to always sneak out and find her in order to kiss, hug, or have some alone time with her. She refuses his advances since she knows that if she is caught with the prince, then her position as the shrine maid will be compromised and she will be forced to relinquish her position. After the incident where Jumong accidentely locks himself and Buyoung in a shed, Buyoung is forced to leave the palace. She appears again a few episodes later. After she left the palace, the trio of ohyi and co. find her a job with dochi, the merchant who has monopoly of the Puyo streets. She meets up with Jumong after he is injured during the fight with the diguised Naro, who was sent to kill Jumong. She heals Jumong and finds him a job with Dochi. Many times during her stay with Dochi, she is advanced on by Dochi and Youngpo.
Buyoung always tries to warn Jumong about Dochi's assasination attempts and seems to fall in love with Jumong as time passes on. Later, she is kidnapped to become a hostage to force Jumong to abdicate from the crown prince competition. After Jumong resigns from the competition and Ohyi tries to propose marriage, she tells Jumong that she must leave Puyo with her siblings and asks Jumong to tell the trio. She said it was foolish of her to keep Jumong in her heart, wishes him good luck, and she walks away into the  countryside.

im so-yeong. short newsreport clip on location.

 media src: yahoo kr.