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Episode 11
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Episode 11

jumong follows haemosu's teaching of slashing the sun and the moon as they appear and jumong improves drastically through diligent practice. on this day haemosu presents a bow and set of arrows to jumong saying he may not yet have the strength to shoot an arrow but he will after much practice. but jumong immediately shoots his first arrow with the bow and haemosu turns asking if he infact shot one. jumong answers he felt the bow and arrow as his own arm just like haemosu taught him to do and shows haemosu he can do another. haemosu smiles at jumong's strength.

prince youngpo finds maid buyoung and asks if he knows where jumong is. buyoung answers no and runs to warn jumong after youngpo leaves. meanwhile soseono continues to spy on jumong as he practices his skills and witnesses how drastic his improvements are. then soseono watches as buyoung runs there to tell jumong about youngpo meeting the thuglord dochi. jumong thanks buyoung for all that she's done for him and promises to pay back some day. soseono watches from distance as jumong pulls buyoung to him embracing her in his bossom.

next mari, ohyi, and hyeopbo urges jumong to accept soseono's help since they can't be hiding like this forever. jumong brings the trio to yeontabal's house and asks soseono to keep the trio there. soseono replies her offer to help was extended to prince jumong who saved her life not to the trio who kidnaped her before. sosoeno then apologizes for not believing he is a prince before. just then prince daeso arrives and everyone's nervous. soseono tells daeso jumong once saved her life. jumong tries to leave but daeso says to stay and listen to what he wants to say. then jumong asks soseono to leave so he can talk to daeso in private. jumong begs daeso to let him live and daeso says he should know why he needs to be killed if only he would imagine the pain and suffering jumong and his mother have caused daeso, youngpo and their mother who have been neglected by the king because of the two. jumong replies he too suffered pain in the hands of the queen and the brothers and an angry daeso says if jumong is to bother him once more he will not be forgiven. meanwhile yeontabal tells soseono her fate with the buyeo palace is most certain since she is entangled with 2 princes and it wouldnt' be so bad to be with the 3rd prince either. soseono replies she will not let heaven determine her fate and besides jumong is already seeing someone.

the king tells his chief warrior to go find haemosu. budeukbul overhears it and goes to see yeomieul confessing to her that he attempted to kill haemosu but failed once. yeomieul is flustered but budeukbul insists the king and haemosu must never meet. budeukbul orders one of his inferiors to keep an eye on yeomieul to see what she's up to next. yeomieul solicites the help of a star child who uses her innocent powers to find where haemosu is. yeomieul then goes to see haemosu alone but budeukbul's man follows her and figures out where haemosu is as well. yeomieul confesses to haemosu she is the one who kept him in prison for 20 years but she did it to protect buyeo because haemosu is a hero of the past nation and his presense would've surely risked buyeo being ruined by the han nation. haemosu asks if geumwa agrees with all this and yeomieul says surely the king does not know about these things or else he would not have agreed to keeping haemosu in prison for 2 decades. yeomieul asks haemosu to leave buyeo to ensure buyeo's safety and haemosu says he will meet with geumwa and ask him in person if that is what he wants.
yeomieul warns if he meets geumwa the sorrow of a woman will be relived, then yeomieul reveals lady yoohwa became geumwa's 2nd wife. haemosu relives the words of jumong who said he was geumwa's 3rd son born of a different mother and haemosu appears shaken suspecting if jumong is his son.

budeukbul learns yeomieul went to see haemosu and budeukbul wastes no time and goes to meet with prince daeso. budeukbul asks daeso if he's heard of the name 'haemosu' and daeso replies he's heard he was a damul warrior who died fighting the han nation. budeukbul tells daeso haemosu was also king geumwa's best friend and haemosu's lover was noneother than madame yoohwa. budeukbul then tells daeso how geumwa tried to save haemosu but was killed by han nation. prince daeso says he now understands why his father dislikes the han nation so much. budeukbul then tells daeso actually haemosu is still alive.

meanwhile king geumwa watches as a despaired yoohwa looks out beyond her balcony holding the ring from haemosu which she wears as pendant on her necklace..

haemosu thinks about the shocking revelations yeomieul confessed to him....... meanwhile yeomieul thinks about haemosu's promise to leave buyeo as she asked, but says he's got a request which is to meet lady yoohwa. just then haemosu comes to see yeomieul and loathes about himself saying he doesn't know if he really wants to find haemosu or not. yeomieul advises the king to put his fate with yoohwa in the hands of the gods. the king agrees fate is not one to be determined by men.

daeso thinks about budeukbul's words about worry should the king ever meet with haemosu, and budeukbul's advise that daeso should get rid of haemosu. daeso goes to see the queen late at night and asks if she knows who haemosu is. the queen replies yes and is surprised to hera him mention him. daeso then asks if she knew yoohwa was haemosu's lover. daeso then asks how it is that yoohwa became the 2nd wife, and the queen says it was because he and haemosu were brothers deeper than blood relation. then the queen tells daeso it is possible that jumong is haemosu's son and not the king's, but the truth is only known by the king and yoohwa. a surprised daeso is told by the queen not to tell this to anyone.

yoohwa's maid finally meets musong who tells her news of jumong. the maid urges yoohwa to ask the king to allow jumong back or else it's hard to say when he will be attacked again, but yoohwa says she intends to keep him alive outside the palace until the day comes that he will return valiantly. prince youngpo goes to the weapon factory and takes cases of swords. mopalmo tries to stop the prince and his uncle but the prince draws his sword at mopalmo and warns him not to say anything to anyone.

sayong reports to yeontabal that prince youngpo and the queen's brother gave weapons from the palace to dochi the thuglord. yeontabal says they should just stay put and watch for the time being. meanwhile daeso orders youngpo to prepare 200 army men secretly. yeomieul goes to see madam yoohwa and tells her they need to go outside the palace together. yoohwa asks where they're headed but yeomieul says she'll find out when she gets there. yeomieul brings yoohwa to a place and stops, then tells yoohwa soon she will meet the one who's been in yoohwa's heart for a long time, but their meeting must be a secret that only her and yeomieul are to know. yeomieul then says she'll go and wait down the mountain and leaves.
yoohwa waits and sees haemosu walk down from the hilltop...

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