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Episode 9
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episode 9 short recap:

prince daeso and youngpo, along with many private soilders head to the hidden prison with intention to kill prince jumong. meanwhile king geumwa who is shocked at the revelation of a hidden prison in buyeo gets ready to go see the prison himself. the fairy of buyeo yeo-mi-eul and the king's head advisor bu-deuk-bul accompany king geumwa on his journey to the prison.

daeso and youngpo arrive at the prison and without mercy they kill all the prisioners, but jumong and haemosu barely escapes. during the chase, daeso slashes haemosu deeply while haemosu tries to protect jumong, but haemosu slashes daeso back and both are heavily wounded. youngpo brings daeso back to the palace and the queen orders not to tell the king about daeso's wounds. jumong brings haemosu to a hut faraway, and fetches buyoung who learned medicinal skills in the palace to help haemosu with his wounds. hyeopbo and mari asks jumong who haemosu is and jumong says all he knows is that he used to be a damul warrior. hyeopbo says his dad was a damul warrior and he died during battle. mari then comments the legendary damul warriors were headed by the general haemosu. jumong pauses at the mention of haemosu's name and wonders about his wounded teacher.

soseono is on another business transaction this time trading fur, and the buyer complains the fur is not of high quality seeing that it doesn't stand back up right away when you brush it with your hand,
the buyer offers to pay only half of what soseono said, and soseono agrees, but her father yeon-ta-bal appears and orders the buyers to be taken to have their hands chopped off, since they are conman who applied oil to their hands before brushing it on the fur. then yeon-ta-bal tells soseono she still has a long ways to go before she can be a good merchant. yeontabal's advisor sayong laughs at her. just then soseono's right-hand-man wootae arrives with news of jumong's whereabouts.

the king returns to the palace after his fruitless trip, and angrily tells bu-deuk-bul he must find out who destroyed the prison or else he will cast all the blame on him. bu-deuk-bul goes to see yeo-mi-eul and shares his worry about haemosu being alive and out there somewhere. prince daeso's condition is critical and the doctor says he can't do anythng. the worried queen weeps and her brother the diplomat urges her to tell the king at once. the queen is still hesitant and prince youngpo says he will tell the king. youngpo tells the king daeso was attacked by forest creatures during the night and king geumwa calls for yeomieul right away. yeomieul helps daeso regain his conscious, but wonders what really happened.

next yeomieul and bu-deuk-bul meets with prince youngpo and demands an answer saying daeso's wounds is not from animals but from a sword. youngpo tells them the truth and the two are speechless...
geumwa watches lady yoohwa sigh and goes to tell her his only fear in life is when she sighs. the queen finds out about the king visiting yoohwa for the first time since jumong was thrown out of the palace and the queen is angered with jealousy. IPB Image

soseono and wootae go see where jumong is and offers to help him since he is being chased by the thuglord dochi because of her, but jumong declines saying at his current condition he can't move to her home, but thanks her for the gesture. soseono says nothing and appears taken back, but just then buyoung arrives and soseono watches as jumong asks buyoung if she was followed and then telling her to go inside the hut. buyoung exchanges looks with soseono before going in.

IPB Image

IPB Image

haemosu is healing and sits by jumong at the field where jumong is thinking about what's happening. haemosu comments the wild flowers of the field are fragrant and reminds him of the scent of the woman whom he was unable to protect. jumong replies he has such a woman too and she is his mother whom he will not be able to protect, and such a useless fool he is. haemosu asks jumong who his brothers are and jumong tells him they are the buyeo's princes, and he himself is the third prince of buyeo, son of king geumwa. haemosu is shaken and asks jumong if he said he was geumwa's son and jumong replies yes
IPB Image

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  해모수,, 이제 알았는가?


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