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Episode 8
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episode 8:

yeontabal's advisor sayong returns and tells yeontabal he should kneel before dochi as he asked or else soseono will die. gyepil (stuttering square hat guy) and wootae (soseono's righthand man) are reluctant to see yeontabal agree but yeontabal says he will do as sayong said.

meanwhile jumong frees soseono and urges her to hurry and run but she is doubtful of his true intention, and eventually succombs to his urging and escapes. mari, hyeopbo and ohyi discover what jumong is doing but soseono successfully escapes. then jumong gets beat up by the 3 and mari is about to kill jumong when buyoung shouts out jumong is a prince of buyeo.

the ohmahyeop trio and jumong decide to run from dochi, and asks buyoung to go with them but she declines saying if she does her younger siblings who are slaves will be malaffected.

yeontabal arrives to meet dochi who at first tells yeontabal to kneel and beg for forgiveness, but when one of his servants comes to whisper the news of soseono being gone in dochi's ears dochi changes his demand and tells yeontabal to leave all his assets to him and leave buyeo. yeontabal says he cannot make that transaction. dochi asks him if he is willing to kill his daughter and yeontabal replies if it's soseono's fate then it will be so. yeontabal and his men leave, and dochi remains to beat up his righthand man, then buyoung is dragged there and slapped by dochi who demands her to tell him where they went. buyoung insists she doesn't know and dochi continues to beat her.

yeontabal arrives infront of his home and wonders if he needs to part with buyeo, but sayong predicts soseono was able to escape. just then soseono opens the door and calls out to her father. wootae tells sayong now he understands why ppl say sayong is not like a human more like a ghost. sayong replies soseono who was able to escape is more like a ghost. soseono tells them about jumong saving her and wootae then says he will go destroy dochi right away. sayong says not to rush into it and yeontabal agrees, then tells soseono he will reward jumong and tells her to bring him to him next time she meets him.

mari and ohyi bring jumong to the hidden prison. jumong asks if they intend for mu-song the prison wardlord to take care of him. jumong tells mari and ohyi to not treat him like a prince since he is no longer one and they ask if he will have them as older brother instead then. jumong agrees. mu-song appears and relunctantly agrees to keep jumong there in the prison for the time being. musong takes jumong to haemosu's cell and tells haemosu he now has someone to talk to. haemosu instantly knows jumong was there before and had asked him who he was before jumong even said a word.

meanwhile in the palace king geumwa summons prince daeso and yeongpo to the palace sword factory. king geumwa tells the head of the factory mokpalmu he must find the secret recipe to making best sword.
king geumwa orders his 2 prince to assist mokpalmu with finding recipe to make best sword from this day forward. then the king officially hands prince daeso the responsiblity of foreign security minister and says yeontabal who was recently hired by the king to assist with news of other states and nations will assit daeso.meanwhile the king awards prince yeongpo the duty of security minister within the buyeo nation.

haemosu asks jumong why he wants to learn martial arts and jumong answers for self protection. haemosu comments it's extreme to learn self-defense all the way here. then haemosu asks jumong why he's here and jumong hesitates but then jumong answers he made a grand mistake and was disowned by his father, and almost killed by his brothers. jumong asks why haemosu is locked up here and he answers like he said last time he doesn't know why. jumong then asks what he did before coming to the prison. haemosu asks if he's heard of dalmu warriors. jumong replies no and haemosu says the dalmu warriors protected the glory of gojoseon and fought against the han nation. haemosu states he was a dalmu warrior.

soseono reads the reports of other nations and states that were sent to her father and reads about the report of a gudak woman who died after going into labor for her 13th child and how the king of gudak was sad over it. soseono dimisses it as a trivial news but sayong explains it means gudak nation is trying to build up an army if the king himself should grief over the loss of a woman who has the power of giving births.

prince daeso visits yeontalbal who greets the prince then introduces soseono as his daughter. daeso comments he has a great daughter and soseono apologizes for her behavior for she did not know he was a prince before. soseono tells daeso about the news of gudak nation, and asks daeso what he would do. daeso asks if soseono if she is testing him and yeontalbal asks for pardon over his daughter but daeso says it's okay and says he will use gudak's neighboring state gaemak nation to spy on the gudak nation and when gudak nation attacks gaemak he will send troops to help gaemak nation to gain its favor of ally and help rid of gudak a foe. yeontalbal comments the prince is indeed bright and soseono is speechless. as daeso leaves he tells soseono he had a great time. yeontalbal teases soseono that prince daeso has a thing for her and if things go well he might be inlaws with the buyeo king.

wootae arrives to tell soseono that jumong escaped after what happened and dochi is out looking for him. wootae reports he will keep her updated, and offers to find jumong himself if she is concerned about him, but soseono declines saying the rest is up to jumong's destiny. musong fetches wine and meat for jumong who then shares it with haemosu. haemosu drinks 2 cups of the wine but takes no food and jumong asks him to tell him about dalmu warriors.
haemosu says the strongest weapon in the world is the will to fight with death in mind, which the dalmu warriors fought with. haemosu tells jumong actually he knows why he's been in the prison, that he is enduring a self-imposed prison sentence over the guilt of not being able to protect his nation, and for not able to keep up the promise he made to one woman.

musong tells his sister about jumong being in the prison and the maid tells yoohwa lady, who insists on going to see jumong during the night. they trek to the prison and are followed by daeso/yeongpo's servant.
haemosu offers to teach jumong martial arts in exchange for his companionship and jumong wonders how he will be able to teach him anything with his eyes blind but haemosu says being blind has opened up his heart instead...
IPB Image
yoohwa lady arrives and sees jumong. haemosu hears yoohwa's voice as she talks to jumong outside the cell and a disturbed and mournful haemosu presese himself against the cell cage.... a sorrowful yoohwa leaves after telling jumong as a mother she cannot do anything for him anymore.
IPB Image

IPB Image
credits to Yahoo! Korea for the pic

buyeo queen asks king geumwa if he knew there was a hidden prison in buyeo and geumwa asks his head general about it who answers it really does exist. an angry king geumwa asks who are the ones locked inside and demands to see the prison himself. head general goes to see fortune woman yeomieul who panics and the general says they must stop geumwa no matter what.

back in the prison jumong watches as haemosu teaches him how to fight...

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