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Episode 5
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episode 5:

jumong tells his mother what really happened during the trip and yoohwa vows to make jumong the crown prince, and starts by hiring a martial arts teacher for jumong. however moo-song, the teacher, turns out to be a drunkard and tells jumong to climb mountains for a month while he sleeps and drinks. the man from buyeo's sword factory presents a new sword to the king and announces it is made of steel that is stronger than the steel of han nation. daeso offers to show everyone how good the new sword is and calls jumong to fight against him with the sword of han nation. the two exchange swords and jumong breaks daeso's and wins. the king is angry that the new sword is still weak and daeso realizes that jumong has been learning martial arts. daeso tells yeongpo to send someone to follow jumong daily to see what he's doing. but lady yoohwa warns jumong someone might follow him from now on now that ppl have witnesses his improved swordsory.

jumong gets fed up with his teacher sleeping through everything and orders him to show him that he actually nows how to fight. moo-song the teacher brings him to the prison hidden away and tell him he is the head prison ward there, and shows jumong his martial arts skill in the prison.
jumong exchanges swords with his brother daeso again and this time daeso wins. jumong decides he needs a strong sword too and goes to the sword factory to meet the head of the factory whom he used to visit as a kid. jumong brings wine and begs the man to show him how to make a strong sword.
meanwhile the ambassador from han nation arrives at buyeo and buyeo king geumwa celebrates with him since they know each other from the past. geumwa is at first delight and calls him a friend but the ambassador says buyeo must never make their own weapons. on the occasion to bring food to the inmates, jumong accompanies moo-song and meets the blinded prisoner who's been locked up for decades... the man appears to be noneother than haemosu.... when jumong tells his mother about the blinded prisoner lady yoohwa is rattled and remembers the blinded haemosu being crucified.

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