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Hae Mosu
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Master swordsman
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the commander to the Tamul Army. He was a descendant of the old Chosun migrants and wanted them to regain their independence and create a new nation. A highly skilled warrior, Hae Mosu even defeated the Crown Prince, at the time, who is Kuma. He falls in love with the lady Yoowha, who is the daughter of the chief of the Hakebudeh village. Later he is captured by the Han through a ambush and blinded; however his friend, Kuma saves him. But the Han seems to have killed Hae Mosu and is last seen falling off a cliff with arrows in his chest and stomach. Hae Mosu later resurfaces and seems to be imprisoned in a secret prison under Mt. Sumeru for the last 20 years after the capture incident. After escaping from the prison when Daeso tried to kill Jumong, He later teaches his son, Jumong who at the time does not know Hae Mosu is his father, the skills of military arts with several weapons and develops a strong bond with his obilvious son. He later dies after by Kuma's son Daeso and Youngpo shooting him with arrows at the hideout that Jumong and Hae Mosu were living at. 
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^here is the actor that plays HAE MOSU.

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