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Episode 22
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jumong 22:

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jumong and the trio are wondering why dochi has kidnapped buyeong, and jumong tells them not to act brash until they know buyeong is fine. meanwhil dochi visits buyeong and tells the tied-up buyeong he has no choice because of prince yeongpo's order. buyeong threatens she will kill herself if they plan to use her to cause harm to the prince, but dochi comments it is not so easy to kill oneself.

masked intruders arrive at yeomieul's chambers inside the palace, and begin attacking. yeomieul's guard fights off the attackers while yeomieul can flee. afterwards budeukbul tells king about the attack that happened. the queen learns of the attack too and becomes frantic. musong tells jumong about it and tells him to go to the palace since the king is looking for him. jumong stops by yoohwa's room, and yoohwa advises him to be cautious since the queen and her sons are capable of anything. jumong states he will protect his own life and she needn't worry.

the king asks his head general about yeomieul's whereabouts and he replies she has not been found yet.
the king then asks who the attackers are and budeukbul states they have not found that out either.
the king is angered and wonders how the palace security could be so loose and orders his subjects to find yeomieul at once.

the queen meets with the sachuldo oracles and mawuryeong worries others would misunderstand her through the incident, but the queen replies no one knows about their conversations so she needn't worry.
the queen suddenly remembers yeongpo's strange behavior earlier..
meanwhile yeongpo calms himself down saying they just need to wait for yeomieul's confirmed death and the king will realize his value.

yeontabal's group hears about the attackers in palace as well, and yeontabal states it was not geumwa, and soseono states it could not be daeso either. soseono asks her father if he will help yeomieul since she asked him to help. yeontabal asks for sayong's advice and sayong replies building alliance with the revered yeomieul is not a bad thing for their group gyero. yeontabal agrees and states that's the reason why he will join hands with yeomieul.

soseono runs into jumong who is returning from the palace. soseono asks if yeomieul has been found and jumong states not yet. soseono then wonders how the incident will affect the crown prince competition.
jumong replies yeomieul was against him becoming crown prince, and soseono states in that case what happened is good for him, but jumong replies if yeomieul is gone, then the replacement oracle would be in the queen and daeso's control, so either way he will not gain favor. soseono sighs and teasingly states that's why she must help him, and jumong laughs...

the queen tells daeso she's worried that yeongpo was involved in the attackers. when yeongpo arrives the queen begs him to tell them the truth since they are his mother and brother, and yeongpo confesses he was the one who sent the attackers. the queen is appalled and daeso punches yeongpo in the face in anger. yeongpo argues he wanted the king's recognition too, and what he did is a good thing for them all. daeso yells back saying how he could make a foolish thing without thinking about the consequences.
the queen stops the arguing and says what's done is already done, and hopes for the best so that it can truly be an opportunity to get rid of yeomieul. after the queen leaves, yeongpo tells daeso he is not as pathetic as he thinks, and he will realize his contribution in no time. daeso cynically states he will surely see his contribution and orders yeongpo to leave. afterwards daeso asks naro what they should do.
daeso says since what's done is already done they should follow through with it. next daeso orders naro to find yeomieul and kill her if she's still alive.

budeukbul tells the king the citizens of buyeo are frantic at the news of yeomieul's attack and disappearance and he must return the peace . the king asks budeukbul how and budeukbul replies first they have to find yeomieul and when she returns the king should mend his relationship with her.

jumong and the trio are wondering about buyeong again, and jumong states dochi would not kidnap buyeong alone, and he must have followed yeongpo's order and in that case the matter is not easily solved thus they need to be cautious. the trio asks if the rumors about yeomieul's murder is true and jumong replies though it is true that there were attackers it is unknown where yeomieul is.

the queen asks mawuryeong to use her powers to find out if yeomieul is still alive or not, but mawuryeong replies her skills are not strong enough to decipher that. the youngest of the sachuldo oracle, soryeong, visits the star child who determines yeomieul is still alive. soryeong then tells the star child not to reveal this to anyone else. next, yeomieul is weeping in an unknown location. the king tells his man he will go outside the palace for a visit. durinng his visit around town the disguised king overhears men saying geumwa is the one who killed yeomieul. geumwa returns to the palace and confides in yoohwa that the anger he showed yeomieul was actually anger directed toward himself for he cannot forgive himself for not helping haemosu, and geumwa states yeomieul must know that.

yangjeong's man meets with daeso, and daeso asks for more time since he cannot make decision about his marriage alone and the matter will surely need time to persuade the king and others.

mopalmo is waiting for yeontabal to return at the merchant camp, and while he waits, yeonchaeryeong brings tea to mopalmo and asks if he's single and that she is a lonely woman too. mopalmo asks why she's telling him this, when yeontabal arrives. next, yeontabal tells mopalmo he wants to help jumong find a way to build strong swords too and since it is difficult to do this in the palace under watchful eyes mopalmo should feel comfortable to work on the formula at the camp.

jumong watches as a woman delivers a message to the camp, and jumong recognizes her.
next sayong delivers message to yeontabal and ytb then summons wootae to go somewhere.
jumong asks the leaving yeontabal is he's on his way to see yeomieul and yeontabal surprisingly asks how he knows. jumong replies he saw the woman who is one of the oracle's maids from the palace delivering the message. then jumong goes with them to see yeomieul. but yeomieul's hideout is found out by naro and his men, all masked and they began attacking yeomieul's guards. yeontabal and jumong arrive in time to save yeomieul and naro flees.

jumong tells yeomieul it is true that he was the one who broke the damul bow like she said, but asks yeomieul how is that he will bring darkness to buyeo when he's trying his best to contribute to buyeo.
yeomieul replies it is already set by the heavens. she then kneels before him and says she has caused a grave sin against him. jumong asks what and she replies she will tell him when it is time to do so.

next yeomieul tells yeontabal she plans to return to the palace, but she wants to know if he will lend her a hand in the future. yeontabal states his nation gyero and he will help her.
naro returns and tells daeso yeontabal and jumong were protecting yeomieul.... .
just then yeongpo runs to tell daeso yeomieul has returned to the palace, and yeomieul arrives passing the brothers.

yeomieul sees the king and asks him to clear the room. privately, the king apologizes to yeomieul for his treatment of her. yeomieul comments she still stands behind her decisions and believes she served buyeo right. she then says she could've killed haemosu 20 years earlier but she kept him alive to let him live out the rest of his his destined life. king geumwa states throwing him in the cave prison is not protecting him, but yeomieul replies the king would not have saved him, and states even today, the king did nothing for haemosu even after knowing daeso and yeongpo killed him. yeomieul states he was the one who wanted haemosu dead because he wanted yoohwa. the king is very angry, and draws sword and says he will kill her if she says another word. yeomieul urges him to go right ahead, but he is unable to slash her.
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daeso scoffs yeongpo again, while budeukbul visits yeomieul, apologizing for what's happened and vowing to protect her better. but yeomieul replies she will leave the palace, and budeukbul sees the king afterwards and urges geumwa not to let yeomieul go, however the king says it is too late for that.

a jittery yeongpo tells the news of yeomieul leaving to his mother, brother, and uncle, and yeongpo laughs saying this is all his great deed. yeongpo arrives at dochi's and tells him he will grant a wish of his. dochi asks if something good happened and yeongpo replies indeed so and the only thing left is to get rid of jumong. dochi brings yeongpo to buyeong's hideout and discovers buyeong passed out from her attempt to commit suicide. they rush her to doctor's care and her life is spared.
dochi asks yeongpo what he plans to do with buyeong and yeongpo says he will find out...

yangjeong's man returns to hyeonto and replies daeso has asked for time. yeongpo is satisfied that daeso has not declined the request. yeomieul meets with soryeong and star child, and tells them about her leaving, and asks them to stay behind at buyeo palace for a while until things are settled.
next yeomieul visits yoohwa and tells her a long time ago she saw a 3 legged bird blocking buyeo's future, and that bird was haemosu, but the bird still remains in buyeo even after haemosu's death.
yeomieul tells yoohwa she must take care of that bird since it is still weak. yoohwa is stunned in her revelation. yeomieul then states she has been forsaken by buyeo and now she will spend rest of her days faraway.

meanwhile jumong is anxious about what yeomieul said to him. but at the palace, geumwa watches as yeomieul leaves and geumwa feels unsettled. the queen's maid tells her yeomieul is on her way out and the queen happily states it is time to gather the oracles to make mawuryeong the palace oracle.
afterwards daeso and the queen visits mawuryeong to congratuate her and mawuryeong vows to help the two crown daeso the future throne.

yeontabal offers to escort yeomieul to his nation, gyero but yeomieul states it is not time yet and before she leaves she must meet someone first. next, jumong comes to meet with yeomieul and she says she must tell him about the sin aginst him, and beg for his forgiveness before she leaves buyeo.
yeomieul tells jumong even though he and geumwa have lived like father and son, jumong's real father is general haemosu. 
preview 23: jumong tells the king he will not be part of the prince competition anymore. next jumong states he will leave buyeo for a while.

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