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Episode 4
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Episode 4
credit to dramoak at soompi.

the king of buyeo geumwa is angry at jumong's reckless behavior and sends him on the journey to find the damul arrow and be inspired by it, since the bow and arrow was said to be given to the founding father of buyeo from the gods. jumong, along with the half brothers dae-so and yeong-po embark on their journey, and they must find the arrow first, and not tell anyone that they are buyeo's prince through their journey. dae-so and yeong-po use the opportunity away from palace to get rid of jumong so that dae-so's future crown is not threatened, and their mother the queen herself may finally receive love from the king. dae-so sends jumong ahead of them to guide them and the two half brothers abandoned jumong afterawhile, and jumong gets entangled in quick mud and the brothers watch as he is drown to death. meanwhile so-seo-no (han hye-jin) is being sent on a business journey by her father and her men are walking passby, and she spots jumong in the drowning mud and rescues him. jumong awakes finally and tells soseono that he is secretly the prince of buyeo, and promises to pay her back for the debt he now owes her.

after ditching their brother jumong, daeso and yeongpo find the cave where the sword damul is placed. neither succeeds in shooting the arrow and decides to go back to buyeo.
jumong overhears daeso and yeongpo discuss their plans about how they should tell the king jumong died. jumong realizes his brothers abandoned him to die on purpose and is deeply saddened.
jumong finds the damul arrow and successfuly shoots an arrow, but in the process breaks the bow into two. a stunned jumong turns around and heads back to buyeo as well. after daeso and yeongpo arrive at the palace they tell the king how jumong died accidently. yoohwa begs the king to go find jumong, but jumong shows up to daeso and yeongpo's shock.

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