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Episode 3
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Episode 3

geum-wa finds out it was his father king haeburu who ordered haemosu's entrapment and capture.
hae mosu is tortured and blinded by the army men and taken to be executed. geum-wa goes under cover and tries to help hae mo-su escape, but the blinded hae mo-su is surrounded by army men at the end of a cliff. hae mosu is shot by arrows and falls backward off the steep cliff, and presumed dead. geum-wa watches from the distance...

later yoohwa gives birth to her and hae mo-su's baby and names the boy 'jumong'. yoohwa tells geum-wa she plans to raise jumong in the isolate forest but geum-wa offers to raise him as his own saying it would be hard to raise him well away from the city. meanwhile geum-wa tells the fortune woman about jumong and she then tells the head general. they agree jumong must be eliminated and hires an assasin. yoohwa escapes from the assasin at first but is then chased by army men instead... the assasin pretends to save her but raises his sword toward her telling her it was the king of buyeo who killed hae mo-su. yoohwa asks if prince geum-wa knows and the assasin says no. just as the assasin is about to slash her and the child, lightening strikes on his sword and the assasin is shocked to death. yoohwa escapes but returns to geum-wa's palace and agrees to be his concubine so that jumong can be raised as buyeo's prince.

20 years pass and geum-wa is the king of buyeo with 3 sons, prince dae-so (kim seung-soo) and prince yeong-po (won gi-jun) born from the queen (gyeon mi-ri), and the youngest prince jumong (song il-guk) from lady yoohwa (oh yeon-soo).  
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credit to dramoak at soompi.

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