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Episode 1
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Episode 1

all summaries credit to dramaok at soompi...please credit her if taken out from here....thank you. 

it's 108 bc, and the kingdom of gojoseon, which lasted 2100 years has fallen, after a year of war with the han nation. the remnants of gojoseon people are left wandering and resisting the ruling of the han nation, in the center of such resistance is hae mo-su (heo jun-ho) a legendary hero of the gojoseon. the king of buyeo, hae bu-ru appears to be in support of hae mo-su since he has led gojoseon people to buyeo, however, when han nation's imperial member is murdered, the king of buyeo realizes those who support the gojoseon remnants will be targeted by the han's imperial army.

at a meeting between the state of buyeo and han nation, the prince of buyeo, geum-wa (jeon kywang-ryeol) watches in disgust when the han army ruthlessly beats up a gojoseon man. however, geum-wa, being the prince cannot do anything. instead ha-baek's daughter, yoohwa (oh yeon-soo) speaks up against the brutality. geum-wa is struck by her courage and allure, but yoohwa is soon taken into custody for speaking up in protest. later, geum-wa uses his power to free her. soon after hae mo-su is wounded in another confrontation and he's fallen into the river. days later he floats ashore near the home of yoohwa. yoohwa finds him and saves him, hiding him in a little hut. the army men are looking around town for hae mo-soo and warns everyone that whoever hides or saves him will all be destroyed. at the same time geum-wa, who is both hae mo-su's best friend and commarade looks for hae mo-su hoping to get him before the others do.
during the time yoohwa looks after hae mo-su they begn to develop a fondness for each other as man and woman. but the army men reach the ha-baek village and they realize hae mo-su was there for sometime and slaughters the entire village, including yoohwa's father. yoohwa is tied up on ropes pulled by horses and being taken to another location to be executed.

its good