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Episode 21

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ohyi tells prince youngpo and daeso that jumong's found an important link to finding secret formula at the iron factory. ohyi returns to jumong who says he did a great job. ohyi states they will probably continue to believe him for a while, but jumong says youngpo might but daeso will catch on soon.

daeso's assistant naro suggests to daeso they bring the guy from weapon factory again to verify ohyi's words. the man responds mopalmo seems to have found something but has not revealed it to them yet.
daeso dismisses the guy and youngpo has a hard time sitting still wondering if jumong really found the secret formula.

meanwhile the trio vow their loyalty to jumong, after seeing how heroic he is. just then buyoung arrives.
jumong tells buyoung he's found a home for her and her siblings, and ohyi will protect them so she needn't worry. buyoung asks jumong to keep her near him so she can serve him instead,
but jumong says it'll be dangerous with dochi probably looking for her in town.
mari urges buyoung to listen to the prince, and jumong tells buyoung he seems to bring bad omen to her
and their relationship must be ill-fated, thus she should stop wasting her energy on him, but buyoung says not to say such thing. later, ohyi escorts buyoung to her new place, but dochi's man spots them and follows them.

yeontabal asks soseono if she's decided on the matter, and soseono says she will declien daeso's proposal.
yeonchaeryeong expresses worry saying daeso will not take her rejection easily, but soseono tells her aunt she will make decisions for her own life and leaves. afterwards yeonchaeryeong tells her brother daeso with his great pride will not let the matter go easily, and this might bring danger to their group. yeontabals says there's nothing he can do and yeonchaeryeong asks if he believes jumong will win the crown prince competition, and yeontabal answers no one knows what geumwa king is thinking.

the king orders his subject to find jumong at yeontabal's and bring him to the palace. next youngpo tells daeso the king has asked to see them, as well as jumong, and daeso wonders what's happeneing.
youngpo wonders if the king will crown jumong after jumong successfuly finding secret formula for curing iron. the queen is also worried about the meeting since yoohwa is also ordered to attend.

finally the king arrives and tells his family not to get nervous since he just wanted to see their faces. king asks if daeso has heard about the war between seonam and han, and daeso answers yes. the king then tells youngpo he must be on guard about it since they may have to dispatch their army anytime.
next the king asks jumong about how the work at yeontabal's is going and jumong answers fine. the king smiles and expresses his content at his sons. the king wonders if he's talking too seriously and the queen says it must be because of all the crisis they've had, and suggests to the king he should go hunting with the princes. youngpo tells the king he will catch a tiger and give him tiger blood while daeso frowns at youngpo's words (lol) and at this the king laughs asking if he has the skill to hunt a tiger. the king then says they should hold a contest among the princes to see who is superior in physical strengths.
later, yoohwa tells jumong the king wants to show everyone how much jumong has improved thus he must not let the king down. sayong and soseono hear about it and sayong asks soseono if she will make a bet with her to see who wins, with her betting on jumong, and sayong on daeso.

youngpo practices with naro and daeso arrives and tells youngpo to move, then starts to fight with naro defeating naro. naro says he can't win against daeso, and daeso orders both naro and younpo to fight against him then. youngpo comments that'll be too hard for daeso but daeso tells him stop talking and follow his order at once. daeso begins fighting both and starts to gain upperhand right away. budeukbul and the head general watch and approach daeso. next budeukbul tells daeso the entire buyeo now knows how great daeso is. daeso asks budeukbul how he compares to king geumwa when he was his age, and budeukbul says daeso might be better and daeso laughs.

meanwhile jumong practices swordsory and remembers the teachings of haemosu who urged him to be one with the weapon... with this teaching jumong focuses on his practice, when the trio arrive and mari suggests jumong practice with ohyi instead of practing in the air by himself. next jumong and ohyi practice... then soseono and wootae arrive and watch the men practice, with soseono smiling at what she sees.

at the buyeo palace iron weapon factory, musong watches mopalmo hammer down a sword to make it strong and next day they present the sword to jumong as a present to use during the contest.
mopalmo leaves but runs into yeonchaeryeong who apologizes for her behavior previously and offers to buy him wine next time. gyepil watches and tells mopalmo it is a rare occassion that she would be so nice to someone. musong comments that means yeonchaeryeog has good feelings for mopalmo, but mopalmo says just because he's single doesn't mean he has no taste in women and leaves ahead.

wootae delivers a letter to sosoeno from prince daeso, and wootae asks what it is. soseono says its an invitation to attend the contest tomorrow. next day daeso runs into the arriving sosoeno with her father and sayong, wootae, and daeso says he's happy she came. soseono urges him to be careful during the match.
meanwhile youngpo tells jumong he's not gonna go easy on him just because the king's there and warns jumong to try his best to avoid getting hurt. jumong replies he will learn something from younpo today and youngpo laughs.

during the contest, the first event is archiliary. daeso is first and shoots 4 bullseye in a row
next, youngpo gets 3 good target and 1 miss. when it's jumong's turn he blindfolds himself and shoots 8 perfect bullseye. king geumwa sees haemosu in jumong's skills and is stunned. desparate, budeukbul remembers yeomieul tellling him about jumong being haemosu's son and sees that blood does not lie.
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next it is fist-fight contest and the winner between jumong and youngpo will go up against daeso in sword fight. jumong beats youngpo who lays flat on the ground with blackeye after a few exchanges.

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after a break jumong will meet with daeso. during the break daeso scoffs youngpo, but the queen says it is not that youngpo is bad, rather jumong is skillful, thus daeso must not think of it lightly.
meanwhile soseono finds jumong and tells him how surprised she was, even though she's seen him practice she did not know how great his skills really were. jumong replies his skills are nothing compared to his master. soseono asks if he means the general haemosu and jumong nods. soseono then says should jumong win today he (haemosu) will be happy too.

daeoso and jumong meet for sword fight and after many exchanges and many ties, the king orders a halt saying they should stop since it seems it will not be easily determined who will win.
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the king orders his subject to reward the princes after such great display of skills. daeso begs the king to let him continue since he has yet to use all his strength, but the king says it is enough and smiles away.
next privately, the queen complains to her sons and brother that the king was protecting jumong for not allowing daeso to go all the way, and youngpo tries to comfort daeso saying he lost, but at least daeso tied with jumong. daeso yells back saying to tie with jumong is the same as losing and didn't he see how impressed everyone was at jumong.

surely the advisors meet and comment on how great jumong's skills are, with the queen's brother insisting on daeso being superior in swordsory. budeukbul meets with daeso and comforts him saying a new opportunity will come. musong and mopalmo express how elated they are at jumong's success and how embarrased daeso was.

jumong sits down with his mom and yoohwa informs jumong about the queen tryng to get mawuryeong to replace yeomieul and if that should happen it is not good for jumong. yoohwa says she is not sure if she should help yeomieul.... the queen urges her brother to hurry and replace yeomieul but the brother says it is hard to do that since yeomieul is still alive, and youngpo gets an idea in his head and sees it as an opportunity to stand out infront of the king....

daeso tells naro to go to hyeonto for a message, and at nighttime, gyepil tells soseono prince daeso has arrived. daeso asks if he's interrupted her work and ssn says no. daeso states he's come so he can have wine w/ her. outside yeontabal tells his sister to prepare superior wine set. next, daeso asks if she will pour wine for him and ssn folllows. daeso laments about the happenng, and ssn says they tied so he shouldn't be too sorrowful, but daeso says he lost indeed. daeso then says it is so easy for him to tell her all his troubles and asks if she's decided on the proposal. ssn replies she cannot accept his proposal because she already has someone else in her heart. a frantic daeso asks who and ssn says nothing,
then daeso asks if it is jumong and ssn says nothing daeso laughs chillingly that the one she likes turns out to be none other than jumong. then daeso states he cannot concede to jumong, and he will not let her be stolen.. therefore daeso tells ssn she is already his woman. ssn watches in fear.
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daeso leaves and runs into jumong arriving w/ the trio in bliss. daeso gives jumong deep dirty look and leaves. mari tells jumong something must be up.

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deep into the night ssn wonders what the future holds now, while back at the palace daeso drinks.. next daeso goes to see the king and tells the king jumong is the one who broke damul bow.
daeso states breaking the sacred bow is a crime punishable by death and on top of that jumong even lied saying he didn't get near shijo mountain. the king asks if that's the truth and why then daeso waited til now to reveal it. daeso is a bit caught off guard but states because of the grave matter he has been thinking it over and at last decided to tell it to the king for the safety of buyeo. the king says okay and tells daeso to leave now. afterwards daeso visits budeukbul and tells him about it, and budeukbul says daeso rushed it because they should've waited.

in hyeonto, yangjeong receives daeso's message and tells his subject daeso has asked him to give him the formula to create steel swords. yangjeong's subject says that cannot be revealed to buyeo,
but yangjeong says all daeso is not asking for strong steel like the ones from han, rather he's just asking for formula to create something that is slighty stronger than the iron swords buyeo makes.
yangjeong tells his man to go to buyeo....

meanwhile the sachuldo oracles comment what good the palace oracle is if she is useless and the young oracle soryeong asks if they're trying to exile yeomieul from the palace... naro returns from hyeonto, and tells daeso yangjeong has sent someone. daeso meets with yangjeong's man who tells daeso yangjeong will accept his request with one condition. daeso asks what and the man states yangjeong has a daughter and he wishes her to be married to daeso.

jumong says he wants to join hands with mopalmo and attempt making steel swords.

youngpo visits dochi and tells him to put together a secret warrior team together, and sends the team off telling them they will be heavily rewarded if they succeed. youngpo asks to see buyoung and dochi responds jumong took her. youngpo asks if he knows where buyoung is and gets up to go to buyoung.
dochi tries to stop youngpo saying he is much too drunk but youngpo says he will not defeat to jumong and dochi orders his man to escort the prince to buyoung at once. youngpo finds buyoung and tells her he's gonna spend the night with her and grabs her, but buyoung pushes him away and youngpo slaps her. next, mari and hyeopbo inform jumong about buyoung and the three run to buyoung's place. ohyi tells jumong buyoung has been kidnapped, and jumong asks who did this.


preview 22: yeomieul tells the king he was the one who actually wanted haemosu dead since yoohwa still loved haemosu, and the king is pissed.

credit to dramoak at soompi.

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